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"The Ministers welcomed progress in the steady implementation of the Guam International Agreement, and the planned relocation of approximately 9,000 US Marine Corps personnel from Okinawa to locations outside of Japan," the fact sheet said, adding, "They reconfirmed the plan to begin the relocation to Guam in the first half of the 2020s."
He reconfirmed that Indian nationals in captivity are unharmed, and added that the 46 nurses stuck in Tikrit are safe and the ministry is in contact with them.
BEIRUT: Lebanon's transport unions reconfirmed Wednesday a strike scheduled for May 24, reiterating demands for price ceilings on gasoline and diesel.
''We reconfirmed the significance of the three countries joining hands,'' Sugiyama, who is also Tokyo's chief envoy to the stalled six-party talks on the North's nuclear programs, told reporters after the meeting.
In the course of the talks, satisfaction with the bilateral cooperation was expressed and the commitment to building good neighborly relations and cooperation based on the shared strategic objectives - establishing and implementing European and Euro-Atlantic standards - was reconfirmed.
People of the North East reconfirmed what kind and generous people they are.
Initial team-sheets are yet to be reconfirmed, but details are expected in the coming days.
OC convenor, Don Grocott said: "This work has reconfirmed that we are making progress in our ability to take forward the interests of the professions and industry.
In addition, Ikanos reconfirmed its revenues and earnings outlook for the second quarter of fiscal 2011 of revenues between USD31.0m to USD34.0m.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Dubai Police reconfirmed on Wednesday that the Asian's death after falling from the 148th floor of Bur Khalifa on Tuesday was a case of suicide.
Summary: New York - Morocco was reconfirmed as co-facilitator of the consultations on the review of the status of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), office of the President of the UN General Assembly said on Sunday.
Mussa Kussa reconfirmed Libya's position that peoples and nations that had suffered as a result of colonialism and slavery should be compensated.