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At a meeting of senior officials in Geneva, the two sides also reconfirmed the importance of launching a new round of multilateral trade talks under the World Trade Organization as soon as possible and of enlisting the support of poor nations for this goal.
The officials said the two biggest Japanese news agencies reconfirmed mutual support and cooperation in case either one of their headquarters is incapable of sending out news stories, as stipulated in a memorandum of understanding signed four years ago.
These tests reconfirmed the airworthiness of the ATR aircraft and demonstrated its ability to perform in icing conditions well beyond the FAA's certification requirements.
The canners reconfirmed for the court and public that their product is healthy and safe.
TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today reconfirmed the flexibility and expandability of the HD DVD format with the announcement of a 30GB dual-layer HD DVD-R (recordable) disc that extends the capacity for a write-once next generation DVD disc.
NYSE:KFT), a global leader in branded food and beverages, reviewed the good progress the company is making on its Sustainable Growth Plan, outlined a clear strategic direction for the future, and reconfirmed the company's earnings guidance communicated in January.
In another move, The Board of Directors has reconfirmed John Sindt as the Chairman.
His presentation described the expanded study that reconfirmed PGD helped facilitate successful pregnancy for women considered to be high-risk because they suffered from recurrent pregnancy loss, and/or were over age 38.
today, shareholders reconfirmed the Shareholder Rights Plan as adopted by the Board of Directors originally on July 15, 1995, and ratified previously by shareholders in 1995, 1998 and 2001.
Let Richard Moroney explain what needs to be done for the primary bullish trend to be reconfirmed, and then learn about five high-quality stocks with low P/E ratios that have outperformed in the last two months.
Nasdaq:ORCC), a leading outsourcer of Internet banking and payment services, today announced guidance for the 2004 calendar year, and reconfirmed its guidance for the fourth quarter of 2003.