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However, it believes that recent revenue growth and gross margins trends will continue in the fourth quarter of 2005 and reconfirms its forecast that the company will report operating income on a pro-forma, non-GAAP basis close to break even in the fourth quarter (excluding non-cash charges for the amortization of stock option expense).
Winning this extension of our original contract validates our business model and reconfirms both the importance and success of our commitment to build and deploy IT solutions that enable the U.
This reconfirms their combined status as the definitive industry event for the West Coast marketplace.
This reconfirms the federal government's support for the cutting-edge technology being developed by the Long Beach Water Department," stated Kevin Wattier, General Manager of the Long Beach Water Department.
The size and depth of BSMB's institutional support and our existing institutional shareholders' further commitment reconfirms ACA's long-term security to our policyholders and financial counterparties.
and South Africa, extends our reach and reconfirms our mission to lead in building and managing diskless thin client networks in an Open Source environment," said Roger Del Russo, co-founder and COO of Symbio Technologies.
This initiative increases our investment in our Ontario transmission business, which is a steady contributor to our cash flows, and also reconfirms our commitment to the Ontario power market, one in which we have invested approximately $500 million in new developments and acquisitions since market opening two years ago", commented Harry Goldgut, Chief Executive Officer of Brascan Power.