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I decided that if the East German soldiers were advising the Chinese and North Koreans about American combat tactics, there was a good chance I could reconnoiter the three bridges and get the information needed to decide if the main attack force could go through the city of Seoul or if it would have to take the more mountainous route farther east.
The failure of the Seals to reconnoiter the proposed Marine landing zone almost caused a disaster.
And in the months and weeks surrounding the Pluto close approach, New Horizons will reconnoiter the dwarf planet and its retinue of three known moons in greater detail than any previous first flyby of a planet by any spacecraft.
As a minimum, the unit should establish security and communications, reconnoiter the defensive sector or battle position, and position crew-served weapons and assign sectors of fire to complete occupation.
Professionals will turn much of their attention to in-depth studies of the fainter ones using space telescopes and giant reflectors on high mountaintops, while amateurs interested in contributing to science will reconnoiter the brighter ones from their backyards.
Sometimes Kate Linker does too, as when (apropos of Acconci's 1975 work Leveling) she invokes "a language-world in which the self can reconnoiter its terrain only poorly.
Iran's Deputy Oil Minister Javad Owji has announced during the last solar year (which ended on March 19) that 110-120 million cubic meters of gas have been pumped by Iran into its gas reservoirs, and the country will try to reconnoiter at least 40 new gas reservoirs until the close of the Fifth National Development Plan (until 2015).