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Reconnoiter a zone 3 to 5 kilometers wide (for dismounted airborne or light infantry organic scouts, consider zones 500 to 1,000 meters for most missions).
The failure of the Seals to reconnoiter the proposed Marine landing zone almost caused a disaster.
At 1400 the battalion S-3 Air leaves to reconnoiter and set up the light and heavy PZs and establish PZ control.
The 15th Regiment kept sending combat patrols across the Han River at low tide to reconnoiter the bridges, but they always were turned back by heavy enemy defense fire.
But it wasn't until the weekend that a lane of Lankershim and neighboring sidewalk was blocked off and sawed through to allow archeologists quickly to reconnoiter the adobe's westernmost corner.
Based upon the Reconnoiter open-source platform developed by OmniTI, the result is the industry leading SaaS system for monitoring, trending, visualization, fault-detection/alerting and reporting.
Sometimes Kate Linker does too, as when (apropos of Acconci's 1975 work Leveling) she invokes "a language-world in which the self can reconnoiter its terrain only poorly.
June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- VELOCITY 2010 -- OmniTI today announced the availability of Circonus, the SaaS embodiment of its Reconnoiter project, which will help businesses integrate advanced event correlation into their own monitoring portfolio.
As a minimum, the unit should establish security and communications, reconnoiter the defensive sector or battle position, and position crew-served weapons and assign sectors of fire to complete occupation.
Based upon the Reconnoiter open-source platform developed by OmniTI, Circonus is the unified comprehensive monitoring system for organization-wide dashboarding, trending, alerting and reporting.
RECCE is an abbreviation of reconnoiter or reconnaissance, a scouting trip undertaken to get to know an unexplored territory," said George.
Wingfield served in the United States Marine Corps as a reconnoiter.