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For Iturria, perspective and proximity often are not to be trusted so much as seen through, penetrated as habits of perception, or simply reconnoitered.
Coleman was in a group of four who reconnoitered the convention protest area earlier this week.
After confirming the location, the platoon leader established a release point, and the SBF element, under the direction of the weapons squad leader, moved tactically, reconnoitered, and seized the SBF position.
Platoon leaders learned to initiate 81mm fires only after the weapons squad leader had reconnoitered and confirmed a suitable SBF position.
He reconnoitered as much of the whole market the first two days as he could and then returned to certain showrooms to place orders.
Jackson's men mistakenly shot him near there the previous evening as he reconnoitered after his stunning victory at Chancellorsville.
The battalion's CERT members reconnoitered the route, provided security using lead and trail vehicles and a response force for any contingency.
The company eventually reconnoitered more than 500 kilometers of roads and several tunnels and ferry sites and classified more than 90 bridges in Albania.
The artist also discovers that the house he has bought was the place where the Green Mountain Boys reconnoitered in 1775 before the attack on Ticonderoga and Crown Point.