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After confirming the location, the platoon leader established a release point, and the SBF element, under the direction of the weapons squad leader, moved tactically, reconnoitered, and seized the SBF position.
As he reconnoiters his time and place in ever-widening circles from the world within, so too his daughter, not surprisingly a professional singer, is also searching for her lost father, but from the world without.
During chapter 8, Mazzotta reconnoiters little studied relationships between the Decameron and legal thought: natural law as context for sexuality (II,10); marriage as a centerpiece of the ethics of natural law (III,7; VI,7); the brigata as legislators; Dioneo as a figure who both "encompasses the law and its subversion." A closing chapter finds the "ethical lexicon" for an ars bene vivendi in.
The play reconnoiters the messy relationship between writer Milton Klonsky and his mentor, the poet Delmore Schwartz.