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Gentlemen," said Barbicane, "we have no time to lose; tomorrow we must obtain horses, and proceed to reconnoiter the country.
A Frenchman, an enthusiastic Parisian, as witty as he was bold, asked to be enclosed in the projectile, in order that he might reach the moon, and reconnoiter this terrestrial satellite.
The report reconnoiters present and future strategies within the radiopharmaceuticals market.
Special Operations Command, Navy SEALs are expert reconnoiters and stealth warriors, often performing clandestine operations that larger forces cannot conduct undetected.
Times reconnoiters to retool its interactive efforts, other interactive developments tickle the imagination, including:
During one of her reconnoiters, in Burgundy, the artist discovered an abandonedtrout farm.
The support element reconnoiters a position, secures the area, seizes the terrain (whether covertly and unopposed or fighting into the position), tactically places weapons into action, and prepares for the direct fire support planned by the plato on leader.