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She forced herself to go back into a reconsideration of the problem.
The oligarchs believed their ethics, in spite of the fact that biology and evolution gave them the lie; and, because of their faith, for three centuries they were able to hold back the mighty tide of human progress--a spectacle, profound, tremendous, puzzling to the metaphysical moralist, and one that to the materialist is the cause of many doubts and reconsiderations.
The PNP-CIDG filed a motion for reconsideration on the resolution of a Department of Justice (DOJ) panel dismissing the complaint against the suspected high-profile drug personalities purportedly due to 'weak' evidence.
The Comelec should rule on the motion of reconsideration filed by Gomez so the verification of the signatures in the recall petition would proceed and the people of San Juan would decide who would be their mayor through the recall election, the protesters said.
This is a victory for thousands of PIP and ESA claimants, and for anyone going through this process, who can go to the first stage of appealing a decision with more confidence that the reconsideration will be fair and impartial.
The Sandiganbayan Third Division has junked the motion for reconsideration ex abundanti ad cautelam filed by former Vice President Jejomar "Jojo" Binay to the court's August 31 resolution seeking to proceed to trial with his criminal charges in relation to the overpriced P2.
The Department for Work and Pensions has said if the mandatory reconsideration is made too late, the claimant cannot appeal, denying them justice.
In a letter to petitioners today, EPA announced the agencys intent to grant a reconsideration of the Oil and Gas New Source Performance Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources Rule (NSPS Rule/Methane NSPS/Oil and Gas Rule/0000a), and stay a June 3 compliance date for 90 days, as EPA takes public comments.
Medicare Advisory Panel votes in favor of NILA's reconsideration requests for toxicology codes.
This audit reconsideration represents a form of "rework" of a previous audit where some issues remain unresolved.
An audit reconsideration is defined by the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) as:
An insurer has to stick with a tight protest schedule and can ask for a reconsideration only if the requested adjustment seems to be a big deal.