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The official said after the reconstituting of Cotton Body the government's role has almost ended to fix cotton production target and to present unbiased cotton date as the government will only depend on private sector's data.
Another approach to reconstituting positive-control samples, an approach we initially used before cloning all the junction fragments, is to mix the isolated PCR-amplified deletion junction fragments directly with genomic DNA.
economy that was meant to assist the government in reconstituting the civilian economy in the wake of a devastating nuclear attack.
A more interesting view involves the indefinite survival of the person by virtue of reconstituting the person's body.
His is a modular system of composition that enables him to produce pictures quickly, and is certainly modern, almost "computer modern," and the question about reconstituting painting is also very modern--always very modern.
The investor then may exchange the 1/0 or P/0 securities for the related mortgage-backed security, thus reconstituting the stripped securities.
Although the technology for reconstituting milk has been available since the 1953s, reconstituted milk is used in only a few areas because of USDA policies that make it more expensive than fresh milk.