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In short, Davis rhetorically reconstructs himself in the form of John Henry as he is received and preserved through balladry.
First, she attempts to reconstruct Dorcas's voice so that it echoes her own, and, second, she wishes to restructure the most significant events in Dorcas' life so that the whole life becomes supplemental to her own.
If you know absolutely everything about an event--say, the collision of two cars--you can always reconstruct their past, what paths the cars were on before they struck.
Several other flaps have been used to reconstruct the soft palate following ablative surgery.
Although in the introduction Nalle claims she does not wish to reconstruct a life "long ago lost" so much as she means to account for "one man's descent into religious madness" (2), it is impossible, or so it seems to me, to achieve the one without the other.
On an ongoing basis, reconstruct or redetermine base-year cost for new items coming into the pool(s) during the current year.
It, too, entices us to reconstruct what is visible only through its remains.
1526-1578), which has received little attention even in monographs devoted to that painter, but the authors' attempt to reconstruct and interpret the iconography of the library's decoration as a whole within the larger topic of Church reform in the Renaissance.
When a new item enters a LIFO inventory pool, a company must use the current-year cost of the new item as the base-year cost, unless it can reconstruct an earlier cost.