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This rationally reconstructable system follows causal laws in diverse ways and can be mathematically formalized.
Comparison with other Gunwinyguan languages shows the situation in Bininj Gun-wok, rather than Dalabon, to be the norm and the more likely reconstructable state.
Topics include MOF-EMF alignment; concurrent inference of high level context using alternative context construction trees; autonomously reconstructable semi-structured P2P networks for file sharing; adaptive context-aware access control policy in ad-hoc networks; load redistribution in heterogeneous systems; digital stock control mechanism in electronic retail companies in the UK; and algorithms and design for an autonomous biological system.
Blazek's book--had reigned from the times of reconstructable proto-languages, one can hardly suppose what happens when one numeral system replaces or grows up from another.
Reconstructable shapes (Figure 8, left) can be inferred from the given information, that is, from the directional parameters estimated or measured at the data points.
Dublin's Visitatio sepulchri, with its unusually full rubrics, is perhaps the most fully reconstructable Latin liturgical drama preserved in the British Isles, and it is given due space and a careful analysis, together with a full critical edition and transcription of the musical settings in an appendix.