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A reconstructable ERP financial software subsystem decomposes the software system into several reusable components, and a complicated financial subsystem can be developed and implemented through developing, managing and assembling such components.
Its pronominal prefix, reconstructable as *hy- but with loss of the h and compensatory lengthening, carried the information that the agents of this event (the visitors) were two males.
Despite claims to the contrary in the post-Wackernagelian tradition, this was obviously so even in the oldest reconstructable stage of Indo-European: the obviously archaic formation *woyd-[H.
As far as it is reconstructable, which is quite far, the work's genesis reflects a balancing of creative intentions and practical concerns.
Such a 'path' is at least partially discernible and reconstructable as malanggan-figures document the conceptual and actual fragmentation of images in reproduction as they are shared out into smaller and smaller bits along ever expanding pathways, only occasionally to be reassembled into larger, more complete assemblages.
The synchronical model of modality is supposed to be reconstructable in modern possible worlds semantics.
Each message is backed by a record of the transaction and the transaction meta-data in a verifiable, reconstructable, easy-to-manage form, which is essential to ensure admissibility of e-mail evidence.
The second vowel of such roots is considered to be unstable and not easily reconstructable.
However, some are still partly reconstructable, that is, are in part synchronically relatable to another content or function word (wegen `because of, due to', mitsamt `together with'; nebst `together with', gen `toward').
His explanation makes good phonological sense, and there are numerous parallels reconstructable for both PIE (e.
The assumption that there was once a word reconstructable as *kljugx or something of the sort meaning "hunchback" and written with a single graph is supported by no actual evidence.