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It then involved the identification of the boundaries of the sites and buildings, gathering information on them from all sources, assessment of the credibility of the information, proposal of the architectural drawings of the reconstructed site, approval of the final architectural drawings of the site, developing the design proposal and finally reconstructing the site according to the approved drawings.
He suggested a gradual reconstruction plan, saying all mosques and seminaries could not be reconstructed simultaneously.
The reconstructed face is on display this weekend at Otago University's St David Street Lecture Theatre and will go on permanent display in Istanbul this year.
The team saw a quick and massive influx of immune cells, such as neutrophils and macrophages, in lung tissue from mice infected with the reconstructed 1918 strain.
There, it was substantially reconstructed and renovated so that today's version, now on world tour, is largely cleansed of its past.
The study also suggests that, given available specimens, the history of other infectious diseases can be similarly reconstructed.
The documents you shred today may be reconstructed tomorrow.
Arbeia has recently opened two new reconstructed buildings.
I remember vividly sitting as a child in the theater at the reconstructed seventeenth-century Jesuit mission, Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons (in what is now Midland, Ontario), watching the celebratory film about Jerome Lalemant, John de Brebeuf, and their zealous band of missionaries.
Some defenders of vague or indeterminate identity claim that: (1) although the reconstructed ship is distinct from the repaired ship, it is indeterminate whether the original ship is the reconstructed ship and indeterminate whether it is the repaired ship, and (2) the indeterminacy is due to the world and not just an imprecision in the language used to describe the situation.
Parry and Frank Moore Cross, the present volume presents all the readings preserved on those fragments, assigns them a location in reconstructed columns of the text, and shows how these readings compare with the Masoretic Text and with Septuagintal readings and with the text of Josephus.
The reconstructed data adds 15 weather stations, bringing the total stations monitored by AIRWeather to 235 in the United States.