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First of all, the display image on a monitor can be reconstructed using the reception signal of the electromagnetic noise and the vertical and horizontal synchronized signals of the monitor [8, 9, 16, 17].
It is not clear to me from the sparse introduction why only seventeen of the reconstructed columns are presented in standard Hebrew typeface, while they and the rest of the columns are also presented in plates that print the text in a typeface designed to look like the script of 4QSam.
Dance historian Claudia Gitelman, who reconstructed the Holm work for the concert, said, "The greatest legacy is to encourage artists to take that extra step to be original--not to follow the masters, but to renew the art.
The missing data is then reconstructed and written back to the new drive.
Thus, as womanist scholars of religion advance a new epistemology of holistic survival and liberation, a more intentional understanding of reconstructed knowledge processes is warranted.
The 112(g) rule applies to new or reconstructed emission units that have the potential to emit more than 10 tons/year of any single HAP or 25 tons/year of the combination of all HAPs.
Brown's sense of modernity leads him to a vision of the past as a "process engendering unlimited visions," a "dynamic proposition" which must be perpetually reconfigured, reconstructed (Benston 35).
To date, 430 kilometers of the railway have been reconstructed.
Streets must be reconstructed once the base deteriorates or the crown becomes too high, creating an unde sirable slope from the center line to each curb.
Talking to a news channel, he said 500 schools would be rebuild in the disasterhit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Shangla, Battagram, Kohistan, Mansehra and Abbottabad, while 500 would be reconstructed in different localities of Azad Jammu and Kashmir including Neelum, Bagh, Rawalakot and Muzaffarabad.
If so, he explains, then reconstructing the cantreds of colonial Ireland can serve as a first step, and from there the tricha cet boundaries of pre-invasion Ireland can be reconstructed.
Similarly, in his 1998 "Piles of Time" series shot at Osorezan, the mountain where it is believed possible to commune with the dead, he reconstructed his journey, frequently conveying a casual "snapshot" approach.