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In Austronesia, the "liver," for instance, is reconstructible in this meaning even up to the level of PWMP (see *qatay).
In linguistic terms, all of these species date to the same stratum of Dravidian languages, with reconstructible etyma in Proto-South Dravidian, at the same level as textile-related terminology (Fuller 2008), crops of African origins and metallurgical terms, especially for gold and copper (Fuller 2007; also Southworth 2005).
L]([OMEGA]) should be perfectly reconstructible from its values taken on any 2N + 1 values in the interval [-L, L).
In the Italian provinces data, ITFEM1 is only loosely correlated with the more general socioeconomic variables, whereas EUFEM1 is largely reconstructible from the socioeconomic descriptors of the European countries.

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