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This shortcoming may well be filled by readings such as those in Reconstructing Criminal Law.
Admittedly, reconstructing knowledge is like tearing down a formidable edifice that has been built over an extensive number of years.
When a company using the double-extension or index method has been on LIFO for many years, it often has problems with reconstructing the base-year cost of new items.
Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan, Reconstructing the Dream shares the stories of graduates from every sector of higher education in their quest to find work and realize their version of the American dream.
This article describes a method of reconstructing a totally resected inferior turbinate with hydroxyapatite cement in patients who experience symptoms often associated with an overzealous resection of the turbinate (the "empty nose" syndrome).
Brown's poetics hold up both past and future as ultimately malleable resources; it is the present moment of consciousness itself, the perpetual moment of manipulation - through voice, ritual, performance, and so forth - which constitutes the thoroughly historicized black subject, the historical actor continually reconstructing the self, and thus the political and cultural landscape.
Bardaglio's Reconstructing the Household, historians have a carefully researched and thoughtful study of how nineteenth-century southern and northern family laws resembled and differed from each other.
Feminism secures its place on architecture's map with two other major releases: Architecture and Feminism and The Architect: Reconstructing Her Practice.
The company is reconstructing Alexandre Benois's original designs for the ballet, which are realistic and atmospheric, set in a tavern.
The work entailed reconstructing access to the property and laying out field work for the balance of the winter exploration plans.
The scope of work includes the removal of deteriorated base and pavement, repairing the sub-base, replacing or reconstructing pavement and base with in the roadway area and resetting or re constructing curbs and sidewalks.
You look at the pictures from his year with the Army Reserves in Afghanistan, digging bullets and shrapnel out of shattered young faces before reconstructing them, and you know why Dr.

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