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2 -- color) The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved resurfacing and reconstructing Bouquet Canyon Road.
Among Early Americanists Laurel Thatcher Ulrich launched the trend of microhistory in 1990, in her case in the classic social history mode of reconstructing subaltern experience.
With sensitive data, alternative sources for accessing or reconstructing the data exist in case of data loss.
The project will improve traffic operations and reduce delays and accidents by reconstructing Route 201 as an elevated roadway or "flyover.
1) More recently, radial forearm free flaps have been used for reconstructing the soft palate.
So reconstructing Iraq's legal system will involve an advocate of executive dictatorship, and organizing the country's loyal opposition will be supervised by an "ex"-Taliban sympathizer.
There is nothing narrow about Balbiani's aim, however, which is no less than to perform an integrated textual analysis of the 1558 Magia naturalis sive de miraculis rerum naturalium and its Italian and German translations, combining the methods of philology, textual linguistics, and sociolinguistics with cultural history and history of science, calculating the semiotic weights of emerging vernacular technical terms for the purpose of reconstructing through its choice of words the world of early modern European science.
Suppose that we repair a wooden ship by replacing its planks one by one with new ones while at the same time reconstructing it using the discarded planks.
AIRWeather solves this problem by reconstructing the data to represent accurate historical weather observations regardless of station changes.
About reconstructing Graham's Celebration (1934), she said, "A lot of hilarity ensues when everyone remembers something different.
Concluding their work, Bowser and Spence note recent tributes paid to Micheaux and suggest ways future works might proceed in reconstructing him.
Nicola Lacey, Celia Wells and Dirk Meure, Reconstructing Criminal Law--Text and Materials.

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