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Transformative reintegration ambitiously implies that programming should attempt to remedy underlying grievances and be a catalyst for social change, a reconstructor of social capital, and a jump start for a political economy of peace.
The biggest disadvantage consists in counting effort the reconstructor needs.
To prepare Jane's hair, Samantha selected therapy shampoo and reconstructor revival crAme.
You already love Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor, well now Aussie has gone one step further and produced a no-nonsense conditioner that women from here, above and down under have been waiting for.
I believe life should be made uncomfortable for the reconstructor,'' said Mike Roos, who like others on the commission showed great restraint in not invoking the names of George Wallace, Strom Thurmond or David Duke.
Try Therappe shampoo and Humectress conditioner, or for a real treat, Keraphix restorative protein creme reconstructor.
These are my favourite rescue remedies for dried-out hair: Fudge 1 shot +, a leave-in reconstructor for damaged hair, pounds 7.
Over twenty years' experience as performer, teacher, choreographer, and reconstructor of fifteenth-century dances enhance her scholarship and give her a healthy respect for the various modern interpretations of the sketchy written records of an ephemeral art.
To capture an enemy point, a team must destroy the target by any means necessary and rebuild it with the Reconstructor device.
Give dry or damaged tresses a bit of tender loving care with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner (pounds 4.
More often they are free only to advance or trim the dominant agenda established by the reconstructor.