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Permitting a taxpayer to reconstruct records under these circumstances represents a limited retention of the Cohan doctrine.
THE IRS PERMITS A TAXPAYER WHO CAN PROVE records were destroyed by fire, flood or earthquake--or even in a nonnatural casualty such as theft or loss--to reconstruct those records under most circumstances.
Playing on this dramatic tension between past and future, "Odyssey of Big Boy" concerns itself, then, with the present moment of vocalization, with the ongoing dynamic of self-articulation and self-recreation, and the ability of voice to project and reconstruct.
But, given what we know about how Rufel reconstructs Dorcas's voice to suit her purposes and temperament, the sentence might well be describing how Rufel's voice has no place to live since Dorcas's death.
The betrayal of generations of her own biological family by her putative social family led Jacobs to reconstruct in her own mind what sense of familial alliance was plausible and liberating.
First, she attempts to reconstruct Dorcas's voice so that it echoes her own, and, second, she wishes to restructure the most significant events in Dorcas' life so that the whole life becomes supplemental to her own.
Since its inception, TeraRecon has rapidly expanded to become a leading supplier of systems used by many world-class manufacturers to acquire, reconstruct, visualize, and distribute high quality images for medical, geoscience and industrial markets.
The difference data from the IDCT is now added to the previous picture data if necessary in order to reconstruct the new picture in the Motion Compensated Frame Reconstruction.
Furthermore, only the software installed in the HP 200LX palmtop PC can decode and reconstruct messages, ensuring patient confidentiality.