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In order to ensure that every eligible Persian Gulf War Veteran receives this bonus we need the Senate to reconvene and take a vote before August 31.
A spokesman for Schwarzenegger, who also has the power to reconvene lawmakers, said Saturday the governor has ruled nothing out.
The two parties agreed only to meet again soon, with Japan keen to reconvene the talks possibly this month.
The House passed by a vote of 426 to 4 legislation to restructure the Internal Revenue Service and provide taxpayers with new protections; however, a vote on the Senate version of the legislation will have to wait until Congress reconvenes later this month.
Only hours after the top court on Monday rejected the decree by Morsi to reconvene parliament, the military said it was 'confident that all state institutions would respect constitutional declarations,' News24 reports.
The leaders of the political parties met today but they did not find a solution so they decided to extend the session by two weeks," a parliamentary official said, alluding to a July 14 deadline for parliament to reconvene.
The military government has scheduled to reconvene the National Convention on May 17.
China, which acts as a middleman between Pyongyang and Washington, has been stepping up diplomatic efforts to reconvene the nuclear talks, which broke up in Beijing in April.
With the impeachment trial of President Clinton set to reconvene today for what is likely to be its final phase, House prosecutors favor bringing Monica Lewinsky to the Senate floor, even though their chances of prevailing look dim.
The Company to Reconvene Meeting on July 10, 2009 for Stockholders to Act on Outstanding Proposals
Federal Mediator Requests Parties Reconvene July 16 to Reach Contract Agreement
Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher has declined an invitation by Councilman Nate Holden to reconvene the Christopher Commission to evaluate the performance of LAPD Chief Willie L.