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We believe that the preconditions set by the Greek Cypriot leader to reconvene the Conference on Cyprus contradict the principles of 'interdependent negotiation' and 'nothing to be considered agreed unless all issues have been agreed', as recorded in the leaders' joint declaration of February 11, 2014, and are not in line with the declaration of the Conference on Cyprus of January 12, 2017.
The meeting will reconvene on Monday, February 2, at 9 a.
A spokesman for Schwarzenegger, who also has the power to reconvene lawmakers, said Saturday the governor has ruled nothing out.
The two parties agreed only to meet again soon, with Japan keen to reconvene the talks possibly this month.
The Senate will reconvene on January 27 and is expected to put S 1096 high on its 1998 agenda.
Euro zone leaders at an emergency summit in Brussels were to reconvene in full session early on Monday to discuss a compromise proposal on a third bailout for Greece, a spokesman for summit chairman Donald Tusk said.
The remark by the Supreme Council of the Armed forces (SCAF) came after new President Mohammed Morsi issued a decree ordering the country's Islamist-led parliament to reconvene.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made a decree on Sunday reinstating the People's Assembly, lower house of parliament, and allowing it to reconvene.
The leaders of the political parties met today but they did not find a solution so they decided to extend the session by two weeks," a parliamentary official said, alluding to a July 14 deadline for parliament to reconvene.
The military government has scheduled to reconvene the National Convention on May 17.
Turkey expects the Conference on Cyprus to be able to reconvene without any preconditions, in keeping with the understanding in the Leaders Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014 and in accordance with the methodology which was foreseen but not implemented for the first Conference, namely with all chapters being addressed together, as also expressed by President Ak?