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A spokesman for Schwarzenegger, who also has the power to reconvene lawmakers, said Saturday the governor has ruled nothing out.
2PM - Hearing reconvenes with Manchester City midfielder Eyal Berkovic, who claimed to be with Ferdinand in the hours following the missed drugs test, expected to give evidence.
With the impeachment trial of President Clinton set to reconvene today for what is likely to be its final phase, House prosecutors favor bringing Monica Lewinsky to the Senate floor, even though their chances of prevailing look dim.
Accordingly, the company expects to have a quorum present when the shareholder meeting reconvenes on May 29, 2003, at 9 a.
Summary: Liverpool's complicated ownership issues could finally be concluded several thousand miles away later when a court in Texas reconvenes.
Second Plugfest Reconvenes World's Leading UDF Software Developers to
The Company expects that the Unitholder vote on the conversion transaction will be held at the meeting when it reconvenes on April 19, 1999.