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Cette << cosmetique urbaine >> n'a-t-elle pas au contraire un role a jouer (meme indirect) dans la reconversion economique de Montreal?
Productive Reconversion Program for the Costa Rican Food and Agriculture Sector.
Palabras clave: reconversion productiva, modelo productivo, economias domesticas, sistemas agroindustriales, Centroamerica, fronteras.
99-5's requirement that the recharacterization or reconversion occur in 1998 or 1999).
Any excess reconversion of an amount during 1998 or 1999 will not change the taxpayer's taxable conversion amount.
The second half of the book recounts the same policies against the backdrop of mobilization, wartime production and procurement, and planning for reconversion and postwar domestic policy.
It focuses on employment plans in Germany and reconversion policy in France during the 1980s.
Those now in the armed forces look forward not to simple reconversion, but to a large extent to medical reform.
Consequently, it was once common to do what is known as a reconversion of such converted guns back to flintlock.
In the section on Belgium, there is an unexplained reference to "T-zone, reconversion and innovation companies.
Contract notice:restoration / reconversion operation as part of the overall program for the enhancement and development of spaces in the naval hotel (1st phase)