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Taxpayers are restricted to one Roth reconversion during 1999.
Because Sandy already recharacterized and reconverted her IRA in October, when the market value was $32,000, she has used her one-time reconversion in 1999 and cannot take advantage of the further $3,000 decline in the account's value.
He could then reconvert his IRA to a new Roth IRA on or after January 1, 2001, provided his adjusted gross income, was less than $100,000 in the year the reconversion took place.
Any excess reconversion of an amount during 1998 or 1999 will not change the taxpayer's taxable conversion amount.
A taxpayer making a conversion or reconversion must satisfy the $100,000 modified AGI limitation, and a taxpayer transferring a contribution from one IRA to another IRA by means of a re-characterization must make the transfer on or before the due date for the taxable year of the contribution.
18) In short, Secularists almost never admitted that a reconversion was based on a genuine and reflective pursuit of truth and instead often supplied less noble explanations for this phenomenon.
To assert that their reconversion was a regression to the faith of their childhood does not add to our knowledge, but rather merely restates the definition of a reconvert in a pejorative way.
As is discussed below, attempted reconversions before the permitted time period are not considered conversions, under Regs.
Therefore, a recharacterization decision should be carefully considered; reconversions are limited during a taxpayer's life and prohibited after death.
However, the IRS issued Notice 98-50 to provide interim guidance on Roth IRA reconversions.
An unlimited number of times for reconversions occurring before Nov.
Any conversion, recharacterization or reconversion of an amount under Notice 98-50 must satisfy Sec.