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Take, for instance, a scenario in which Iran would reconvert its enriched uranium oxide currently under IAEA safeguards into UF6 feedstock, then re-enrich it and make weapons fuel.
Finally, companies reconvert those data into various formats that enable investors and financial analysts to scrutinize key performance indicators and other criteria.
408A-5, Q&A-9, an IRA owner who converts an amount from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA during any tax year and then transfers that amount back to a traditional IRA via a recharacterization cannot reconvert that amount to a Roth IRA before the later of the (1) tax year following the tax year in which he or she converted the amount to a Roth IRA or (2) end of the 30-day period beginning on the day on which the IRA owner recharacterizes the contribution from the Roth IRA back to the traditional IRA.
Metabolic processes continually derive homocysteine by converting another amino acid, methionine, and also reconvert homocysteine into methionine.
14) Another tack was to claim that the reconvert, whilst in unbelieving circles, had proven himself to be an unsavory character and therefore it was actually a relief to see him go.
The ambitious plan to reconvert England seems doomed from start to finish.
IRS recently released Notice 98-50 clarifying whether a taxpayer who has converted an IRA to a Roth IRA may not only transfer the amount back to a traditional IRA in a re-characterization, but also subsequently reconvert that amount from the traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
O'Brien is particularly insightful in relating Hecker's own conversion to Catholicism with his mission to evangelize America and to reconvert Europe.
This was the first programme after which these organisations started ' Ghar Wapsi' to reconvert those Muslims and Christians whose forefathers were converted in the past.
Shah's remarks assume significance in the context of a controversy triggered by Hindu Jagran Samiti, an RSS outfit which organised a 'ghar vapsi' programme in Agra to reconvert Muslims back to Hinduism.
National human development initiative, Tangiers-Metropolis program, project to reconvert the Tangiers-city port zone, low-cost housing projects development program are all initiative and programs destined to improve the life of populations, fight against precariousness and social exclusion and put the city on the track of sustainable development.
A loan from the Inter-American Development Bank is for a Project to Reconvert Agribusiness (No.