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The amount of temporary shares that can be reconverted to debt claims,
Second, an amount that was converted to a Roth IRA and then recharacterized as a traditional IRA cannot be reconverted to a Roth in the year of the first conversion; you will have to wait until at least January 1 of the next year.
Assets recharacterized can be reconverted at the later of (1) the year after the year of conversion, or (2) more than 30 days after recharacterization.
Part of the repair center was a Body Shop at one time and can be reconverted.
The fuel is reconverted to a gaseous form upon reaching its destination.
Deactivated" guns, which can easily be reconverted into active firearms for use in crime, will be outlawed, Home Secretary Jac-qui Smith has promised.
Uranium ore is first converted into gas for enrichment and enriched uranium gas is reconverted into powder to be processed into fuel rods available for nuclear power plants.
A reconverted barn is the new tasting room and on-site wine making facility.
After dark, the starches are reconverted back into sugars that are used to construct plant tissue and the auxins and other organic materials need to develop healthy plants.
A playroom/study currently takes up the garage but this could easily be reconverted.
In 1984, she was renamed, reconverted, and reborn as a sea-going hospital with 12 operating rooms and a 1,000-bed facility.
A group of sturdy lifeboatmen heaved the vessel out of Whitby Lifeboat Museum, which is being reconverted into a temporary working lifeboat station.