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Nevertheless, the reconverts often added to these reasons personal, psychological, relational, or emotional factors and interpretations.
24) Many reconverts warned Christian leaders against trying to thwart the intellectual curiosity of their followers.
Reconverts claimed that they had experienced their fill of unbelief and found it to be bleak, gloomy, and solely destructive.
This did not mean, however, that the reconverts abandoned the classic apologetic arguments--far from it.
41) Although the reconverts decried skepticism for employing an oppressive standard of logic, they in no way abandoned the notion that spiritual ideas could be defended with rational arguments.
Some reconverts also occupied themselves with endeavoring to prove that utilitarianism was not a satisfactory basis for morality either.
Tim does not recharacterize 28% tax Present value on $40,000 (8%) of the tax 1998 $2,800 $2,800 1999 2,800 2,593 2000 2,800 2,401 2001 2,800 2,223 Total $10,017 Tim recharacterizes and reconverts 31% tax Present value on $32,000 (8%) of the tax 1998 0 0 1999 $9,920 $9,185 2000 0 0 2001 0 0 Total $9,185
A taxpayer can then reconvert that new IRA to a Roth IRA, provided he or she meets the eligibility requirements in the reconversion year.
Sandy can then reconvert the new traditional IRA to a Roth IRA--assuming she has decided having a Roth IRA is still more beneficial--and pay tax on $32,000 instead of $40,000.
This means that once Sandy moves her $32,000 into a new traditional IRA, her only option is to reconvert the account to a Roth IRA (or keep the money in the new traditional IRA).
Any attempt to reconvert before the later of these two dates will result in a failed conversion (unless the failed conversion is recharacterized to a new traditional IRA in a timely manner, as explained in the example that follows).
In determining the portion of any amount held in a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA that a taxpayer is not eligible to reconvert under the interim rules set forth in the notice, any amount previously converted or reconverted is adjusted for subsequent net gains or losses thereon.