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MP Dastan Bekeshev (SDPK party) at the session of the Parliament noted that many post-Soviet countries are transferring to the electronic employment record books.
Critique: Filled with practical, user-friendly advice and checklists, My Family Record Book is an invaluable resource for ensuring that, in case of an emergency or a death, one's family will not be burdened with bureaucratic problems on top of everything else.
Prevention at Sea Ltd, a Cyprus-based maritime compliance technology company , has hooked up with the Liberian Registry to launch an innovative software product designed to replace traditional paper oil record books (ORBs) and to facilitate correct ORB entries into an efficient electronic format, according to www.
Two taekwondo players entered the world Guinness Record Book after their successful break experiment.
The CD contains a digital version of the entire record book in PDF format.
Along with personal data such as age, grade level and years in the 4-H program, the California record book includes a personal development report (PDR) with a quantitative page documenting participation in a variety of 4-H projects and activities, such as the number of meetings and events attended, projects completed, presentations given and awards received.
For mule deer entered into the P&Y record book, average shot distance is about 35 yards, and more than one-third of record-book muleys are taken beyond 40 yards.
They don't get that now, but if they can't cope with that we will go back to a medical record book and they will be fined pounds 70 every time they turn up without it.
Veteran outdoor writer Joe Byers strongly agrees after taking a record book antelope, record book mule deer, and 5 x 5 bull elk in just three days with the Straight-[Razor.