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Ahtisham-ul-Haq was working in Civil Court Kharian as Record Keeper and Services Tribunal terminated his employment over leakage of state documents.
In 2000, he worked as an operator at a number of TV channels in Baku and regions, as well as a designer, technical manager and record keeper. His interest in photography from his young ages brought him to amateur photography.
Agnes Gomillion; THE RECORD KEEPER; Titan Books (Fiction: Science Fiction) 14.95 ISBN: 9781789091151
In the video, which recently circulated on social media, a certain "Bikoy", who claimed to be a former record keeper of a narcotics ring operating in Southern Luzon and Visayas, linked former Special Assistant to the President Christopher "Bong" Go and presidential son and former Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte to the illegal drug trade.
Westchester County selected Prudential Retirement as record keeper for its deferred compensation retirement plan.
The sport's official record keeper Boxrec made the Bray woman the pound for pound queen of the ring.
LongView worked with UWC-USA's existing plan record keeper, TIAA (the leading provider of financial services to academic institutions nationwide), to implement this innovative default investment option.
Stated simply, blockchain is a distributed ledger that enables users to share all types of electronic data in a transparent and verifiable manner without a single centralized record keeper. Blockchain is often described as a shared spreadsheet that has no single authority maintaining or controlling it.
He added the station house officer and record keeper were important to the chain of command and implementation of policy on the ground level.
Police also arrested record keeper of land registration branch.
Here, I will explore what greater attention to culture (including genre) might add to Phelan's consideration of audience responses in "Authors, Resources, Audiences" by focusing on his treatment of the text headed "Expenses for the Month." (1) Phelan recalls that when he and his classmates discussed this text with their teacher Sheldon Sacks in 1973, their discussion "led to a consensus" that the record keeper (having had an affair with his newly hired stenographer Mary and gotten her pregnant) paid for her abortion, bought his wife a mink stole to appease his guilt, and placed an ad for a male stenographer so as to avoid future temptation.
The first case FIR no 411/17 was registered on the application of record keeper of D and SJ court, Mohammad Nisar against Mohammad Aslam dweller of village 33/2R who submitted photocopy of the ownership of his property as the surety bound in a case.