record keeping

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Dr Mmusi said there were many ways to avert corruption saying there should be a culture of correct and ethical record keeping which was fully adhered to in offices.
This application is a highly effective paperless logbook solution for record keeping, monitoring and compliance verification, significantly simplifying life for those onboard and onshore, said Tony Brown, Head of Product Strategy.
Global Banking News-April 5, 2018--Australia's Westpac bank admits sloppy record keeping
To highlight the importance of meticulous record keeping in clinical case notes.
Objective: To evaluate HMS in terms of its user's satisfaction, time management, data retrieval, record keeping and confidentiality of medical records.
An audit was conducted at Hamdard University Dental Hospital to assess the standard of clinical record keeping by undergraduate dental students, house officers and faculty members.
So why, exactly, is record keeping so important in the valuation process?
Kelley presents readers with a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of electronic record keeping across the varied contexts of the contemporary health care field.
The Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust said it had recruited new staff and improved training and record keeping since his death.
Poor record keeping has been identified as a key factor in all the high-profile reports into care failings and is a key reason cited for referring practitioners to the regulator's fitness to practise processes.
ABMU Health Board said the arrests and suspensions came about after internal systems "picked up alleged anomalies regarding the record keeping of a small number of nurses".
Financial Planning reports that the SEC will maintain its regulations regarding compliance, record keeping, and anti-fraud.