record keeping

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To highlight the importance of meticulous record keeping in clinical case notes.
An audit was conducted at Hamdard University Dental Hospital to assess the standard of clinical record keeping by undergraduate dental students, house officers and faculty members.
So why, exactly, is record keeping so important in the valuation process?
Kelley presents readers with a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of electronic record keeping across the varied contexts of the contemporary health care field.
I am a health visitor and I am part of a working party looking at creating a standard for record keeping.
ABMU Health Board said the arrests and suspensions came about after internal systems "picked up alleged anomalies regarding the record keeping of a small number of nurses".
Global Banking News-December 27, 2013--Barclays fined for poor record keeping
AHEALTH Board has apologised to the family of an elderly man who died in hospital for failing to take into account his needs and a lack of record keeping.
The AOP is inviting a limited number of optometrists to take part in a pilot scheme to explore the resolution of record keeping issues at a local level.
Riva Transfer Agent is the flagship investor record keeping product of Riva Financial Systems Ltd.
A penalty will only be levied on the most extreme cases of poor record keeping, but in the longer term, HMRC intends to issue penalties of up to pounds 3,000 for serious inadequacies in record-keeping.
HMRC has said it plans to select cases on the basis of risk assessment, focussing on businesses that have features associated with poor record keeping, but a small proportion may be chosen at random.