record of proceedings

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Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani of the IHC on May 11, 2017, ordered the commission to provide the relevant record of proceedings in the case of a missing person, Khalid Mehmood.
Earlier, counsel to Sani, Paul Sule had written the Nigerian Army to produce the record of proceedings of the Special Court Martial, while informing it that the justices of the Court of Appeal had 'on Tuesday the 12th December 2017 directed parties to maintain status quo antebellum.
The comment, which does not appear on the Assembly's official Record of Proceedings, was allegedly made during a debate about plans for a "super-prison" in Port Talbot.
Under current law, a random grand juror is tasked with taking notes to make a record of proceedings, which are then turned over to defense attorneys.
However, the speaker said that he should have to go by book and check the record of proceedings from 2008-13 and then from 2013-16 to check had there been any such live telecast.
Audio recordings provide a true and accurate record of proceedings and are used, when required, to produce transcripts as an official court record.
News reports had earlier incorrectly stated that the bail application of Manoranjana Sinh had been rejected or dismissed, but a certified copy of the Supreme Court record of proceedings conducted by a two-judge division bench of Justices Prafulla C.
1) Thomas Buchanan Kilpatrick, Our Common Faith: The United Church of Canada (Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1928), 93-95; "Foreign Mission Policy," Record of Proceedings, 1936, 288.
On appeal, a court will review the entire record of proceedings before the board, and the burden of proof will be on the party challenging the decision.
There was no charge sheet on the record nor was there a record of proceedings before her between 6th November, when she pronounced her ruling in an open court with counsel for all parties present, and 19th November, when the order was supposedly issued," MTN said in a statement.
It is clear from a review of the certified record of proceedings and the board's decision of April 4, 2012 that the board made credibility determinations that credited the testimony establishing incidents in question.
2 with a version of Professor Robert Romanyshyn's opening video address 'Technology: Alienation and Homecoming', and continue with seven papers from the conference which, taken together, evidence the remarkable impact of technology on human existence, and provide a stimulating record of proceedings for both participants and readers who were not able to attend in person.

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