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For everyone to be able to enjoy the full Guinness World Record-breaking #LightUp2018 experience, we will be featuring the full show as scheduled below until Saturday, January 6: *Monday @ 10:00 PM *Tuesday & Wednesday @ 8:00 PM *Thursday & Friday & Saturday @ 10:00 PM pic.
MOO BEAUTY Sarah Miller Stewart with the record-breaking heifer
Coun Val Tyler, cabinet member for arts, leisure and culture at Northumberland County Council, said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for children to take part in record-breaking attempt.
The record-breaking castle, which can be seen in the video below, was erected on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The current record-breaking temperatures indicate that the 14-year-long pause in ocean warming has come to an end.
Sri Lankan wedding couple Nisansala and Nalin their wedding party during their Guinness World Record-breaking wedding
Australia's record-breaking heatwave has sent temperatures soaring, melting road tar and setting off hundreds of wildfires.
The first sold at Bonhams in Edinburgh in December for a record-breaking pounds 46,850, topping the previous world record of just under pounds 30,000 for a bottle of single malt.
Localized climate health preparedness plans reduce the risks of record-breaking damage and health costs for vulnerable areas, according to the NRDC.
Acting managing director Joe Kelly said: "Again we have seen another record-breaking month here and May has been extremely busy with a number of new routes launching from Birmingham, offering passengers an increasing range of destinations to choose from.
But the record-breaking cold weather has exacerbated the problem.
He added: "July and September were record-breaking months.