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Globally, demand for recordable optical discs is declining at a rapid rate; however, cutting-edge innovation along with increasing awareness about data security and storage are expected to boost the demand for advanced optical discs in the near future.
before we get too deeply into prognostication about the future of recordable optical technology, let's conduct a brief survey of the current landscape.
The TSR studies indicate that consumers have begun to embrace recordable DVD and move beyond simple Set-Top-Box (STB) recorders to embrace a whole range of recordable DVD products.
Santa Clara Consulting Group (SCCG) projects the market for recordable DVD hardware will grow to more than 1.
Today, we can report that we have improved and confirmed the compatibility of 2X DVD-RAM through the Compatibility Working Group activity as a first step" said Bon-Guk Koo, Chairman of Recordable DVD Council and Advisor of Samsung Electronics.
TDK was the first to develop a prototype 100GB recordable Blu-ray Disc, and yet again, our landmark achievement in creating a 200GB disc is affirming the company's position as a true pioneer in advancing the capabilities of optical media.
Industry insiders and company executives will examine 2003 trends and 2004 predictions, highlighting the incredible growth that the recordable DVD market has experienced.
Sonic Solutions(R) (NASDAQ:SNIC), the leader in digital media software, today announced Roxio Venue, a comprehensive media application that lets consumers select, manage, view, and securely burn entertainment purchased online onto recordable DVDs that play on standard DVD players as well as PCs.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Nine leading consumer and business technology companies today announced they have created an industry organization called the RAM Promotion Group (RAMPRG) to encourage awareness and adoption of the recordable DVD format called DVD-RAM.