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In 1990, one-third of domestic law enforcement agencies video recorded at least some of their interrogations.
You recorded this album with a lot of people, as opposed to the previous two.
If you have recorded your material to a digital device (such as MiniDisc or DAT) that has a digital output, the digital connectors will give you an uncorrupted transfer of your recording to the computer.
Managing such electronic assets through a reasonable and recorded document retention policy can help reduce the risks associated with today's high-tech corporate culture.
Note also that the scrivener recorded the trade for the male applicant but not for the two female.
Rap music was first recorded on independent labels, and the independents did not, in general, sign unoriginal or otherwise inferior artists because they had a much smaller margin for error than did the major labels.
However, that possibility alarms the recording industry, which has been championing an electronic system designed to prevent people from freely copying recorded music.
BOB MOULD SAID OF ZEN ARCADE before its recording that "'s going to be big--bigger than punk rock." And although fellow Midwestern band Wilco's 2002 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot wasn't a hardcore album to be recorded in a one-take session followed by a 40-hour mix marathon, both records share some commonalities: Skeletons of folk-like ballads and pop sing-a-longs treated with sonic dissonance--Husker Du with beautiful fuzz and bath bands with other arts of noise.
All records prior to 1925 were recorded with what is called the "acoustic" process.
Defendants' recorded words can be the strongest evidence obtained against them.
After becoming one of the hottest DJs in his neighborhood, he recorded his first song with Mic Geronimo, a rapper he met at a talent show, and it got airplay on a local radio station.