recorded material

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The Dubliner's first piece of recorded material For You reached No1 in Ireland and the Top 10 on iTunes.
The Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) identifies and evaluates external resources on an ongoing basis in order to meet its need to transcribe recorded material.
Maj Gen Al Mazeina said the camera badges were still in their trial phase and that there was no chance of any recorded material leaking online.
There are also programs to render recorded material into written text as well as programs to simultaneously translated material from sources in foreign languages.
They've released their first recorded material this week, ahead of a three-song 7"that will be available in March on American label Giant MKT.
NASDAQ: ZOOM) said it recorded material losses at the end of the third quarter of 2013 as a result of the loss of its ownership interest in Portables Unlimited, LLC.
If a crime was video recorded, the recorded material has to go privately to the police and not shared over Internet".
Where self recorded material can often sound muggy or under-produced the EP remains crisp and coherent.
The ministry's committee has found that the LBC report was technically sound and there was no distortion and we would like to make it clear that the recorded material is technically sound and was not distorted," said Abdul Rahman Al-Hazza, spokesman for the ministry.
THE TEMPER TRAP Hare and Hounds,Kings Heath TOO many times have singers failed to live up to the quality of their recorded material - but Dougy Mandagi is a notable exception.
Except future purchases of previously recorded material.
She draws on already published and recorded material, partly at least to indicate where and how further surveys and excavations should be undertaken to clarify issues she raises.