recording secretary

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Quite apart from her own troubles she was boiling over with a general sense of the injustice of it, and she told what she thought of the packers, and what she thought of a world where such things were allowed to happen; and then, while the echoes of the hall rang with the shock of her terrible voice, she sat down again and fanned herself, and the meeting gathered itself together and proceeded to discuss the election of a recording secretary.
Rounding out the board officers are Team Financial FCU CEO Lynda Milton, vice chairman; Northeast Community FCU Board President Michael Chan, treasurer; Lower East Side People's FCU Chairman Deyanira Del Rio, recording secretary on the executive committee; and South Side Community FCU CEO Gregg Brown, corresponding secretary.
Harms served as the recording secretary for Actors' Equity for 12 years and was elected first vice prexy in '73, a post he held for three years.
Vice Chairman Ron Keiser, Motor Technology; Recording Secretary Steve Ducharme, H.
Burrows served as pastor of the First Baptist Churches of Augusta, Georgia, in 1883-1889, and Nashville, Tennessee, in 1899-1909; he also held three major roles in the Southern Baptist Convention: recording secretary in 1881-1913, statistician in 1881-1919, and president in 1914-1917.
The Director-elect shall assume all the duties of the Director in the absence of that officer and shall serve as recording secretary.
In his previous role as D01 recording secretary, Mr.
Frisby previously served as recording secretary for the bank's board of directors and will continue to be executive secretary to the executive officers of the bank.
Celento, III; Recording Secretary, MAJ Jacqueline B.
Pembroke; recording secretary, Beth Sirrine of Maine Drilling and Blasting Inc.
She serves as president of the WMS at Glebe Church and the recording secretary for the Toronto Presbyterial.