recording secretary

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Konkel was a sample stitcher at Webster Shoe and the recording secretary of the W-S and Bates Shoe Union until it closed.
Williams is a member of the State Bar of Texas - Women and the Law Council (2009 - 2011), the Houston Bar Association, where she was co-chair of the Law Week Committee (2008-2009), Houston Lawyers Association - Recording Secretary (2006-2007), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the HR Committee for Catholic Charities of Galveston-Houston.
Active in UELAC for decades, and for many years the Branch Recording Secretary and Treasurer, she received her U.
The two schools have been put on notice and plans are being made to close them, but hopefully there will be an uprise in enrollment, something comes through like a parcel tax or sales tax initiative and hopefully the state will come into some more money somehow," said Karen Ise, recording secretary to the school board.
Recording Secretary, will be Karen Halo, Builder Revenue/US Title Agency LLC.
He is a member of the Keystone chapter and currently sits on the scholarship committee and also serves as recording secretary.
A Past President of Iowa State MTA, Suzanne has served as Collegiate West Central Division Auditions Chair, is an official competitions accompanist and is West Central Division Recording Secretary.
He started out as a steward and served at the local union level as a recording secretary and member of the health and safety committee and workers' committee (the local's bargaining group).
recording secretary, Kim Nies, University of Oregon Development; activator, Sean Dunn, Alpine Mortgage Planning; and treasurer, Jeff Singer, Umpqua Bank.
Greg Nowak, President (Local 1038) Jim Cianciolo, Secretary-Treasurer (Local 243) Ron Holzgen, Vice President (Local 406) Mark Parker, Recording Secretary (Local 580) Paul Kozicki, Trustee (Local 247) Kevin Moore, Trustee (Local 299) Steve Nobles, Trustee (GCC)
Roch's Church, Oxford where she was the previous recording secretary for the Parish Council, treasurer for the St.
Elizabeth McMullin worked for several years as Recording Secretary and Newsletter Editor.