recording secretary

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Quite apart from her own troubles she was boiling over with a general sense of the injustice of it, and she told what she thought of the packers, and what she thought of a world where such things were allowed to happen; and then, while the echoes of the hall rang with the shock of her terrible voice, she sat down again and fanned herself, and the meeting gathered itself together and proceeded to discuss the election of a recording secretary.
Judge Neal Pitts has been named the president of the Judge Wieland Inn of Court, with Anna Marie Kim, vice president; Glen Wieland, treasurer; and Clint Lavender, recording secretary.
Elected as officers to one-year terms: Garrison, chairman; Ted Lapres, Nypro Inc., Clinton, vice chairman; Steven Stone, Sterilite Corp., Townsend, treasurer; Bagley, clerk; and Philip Grzewinski, Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts, Fitchburg, president and recording secretary.
He worked as a truck driver for The Teamsters Local 170 for thirty two years retiring in 1988 and served on the executive board as recording secretary. He was a member of St.
(210/494-3063,, a builder of high-end competition pistols and the Recording Secretary of the The American Pistolsmiths Guild (
Vicki Green, President; Connie Varn, Vice-President; Alice Wyatt, Treasurer; Sheryl Montgomery, Commission Chair; Lawrence Eberlin, Commission Chair; Ellen Duncan, Commission Chair; Peggy Dulaney, Director 1; Eileene Shake, Director 2; Ellen Riddle, Director 3 Connie Varn served as Recording Secretary
The current officers of TC-MSND include Professor Aki Mikkola of Lappeenranta University of Technology (ViceChair) and Professor Harry Dankowicz of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Recording Secretary).
Herma Rockey was elected treasurer, Susan Craycraft parliamentarian and Sharon Swartz recording secretary.
Parkin, was named to the Board of Directors of the Women Lawyers association of Michigan - Wayne Region and was elected as Recording Secretary. Her term will be for one year and was effective December 10, 2009.
At the direction of Bishop McKiernan, Fr Brady attended two meetings: in the Dundalk meeting Fr Brady acted as recording secretary for the process involved and in the Ballyjamesduff meeting, he asked the questions and recorded the answers given.
Rounding out the board officers are Team Financial FCU CEO Lynda Milton, vice chairman; Northeast Community FCU Board President Michael Chan, treasurer; Lower East Side People's FCU Chairman Deyanira Del Rio, recording secretary on the executive committee; and South Side Community FCU CEO Gregg Brown, corresponding secretary.
Harms served as the recording secretary for Actors' Equity for 12 years and was elected first vice prexy in '73, a post he held for three years.