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They did, however, think that the Republicans owed them one on the recount, and thus were emboldened to pressure canvassing board officials in Broward and Miami-Dade counties to run a hand recount that paid ever-greater homage to dimpled chads.
All that time you wasted watching campaign coverage and following the recount process should now be considered billable hours.
So a more convincing 7-2 majority could have sent the issue back to the state court to see if a recount could be carried out on a single standard by December 18.
Dec 8: Florida Supreme Court orders a broader recount than Gore had asked for, saying any ballot which failed to register a vote on machine must be recounted in all 67 counties.
The court also said it would hear challenges by Bush's legal team to prevent the possibility of any further recounts.
President Bill Clinton last night urged Americans to be patient during the Florida recount - and appealed to the country to unite behind the winner.
To determine if the client is correctly counting the inventory, the auditor select 30 inventory tags from the 250 used and recounts the related inventory.
Marcos said his supporters were supposed to hold a prayer vigil at the Supreme Court at the start of the recount.
The recount is set to be done on January 29 at the IEBC warehouse in Industrial Area.
Justice Joseph Karanja, hearing the petition filed by Mr Fredrick Odiso to challenge the victory of Nyatike MP Tom Odege, made the decision after lawyers in the case agreed to narrow down the petitioner's demands to vote recount.
com/recreational-marijuana-2016-maine-vote-recount-question-1-begins-2455230) recount , which was expected to cost as much as $500,0000, was initiated Dec.
The recount was done at the Harris County clerk's office with attorneys for both candidates in attendance.