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In some polling stations, the recounted votes were less than what was recorded in the IEBC forms.
According to state law, precincts are barred from being recounted if the numbers in poll books don't match the ballots cast, unless a valid explanation is given.
Most votes will be recounted using optical scan machines.
Workers recounted the entire School Committee election, not just votes for Ms.
None of the recounted precincts would be ones where the near-impossible ballot ratios of 100 to 1 had been observed.
Similar arguments may be grounded in the Florida Supreme Court's focus on undervotes, which might be said to be unfair to those whose ballots were rejected as "overvotes" (with more than one presidential vote apparently marked on the ballot), or in the fact that all ballots, rather than just the undervotes, were recounted in some but not all counties.
Dec 8: Florida Supreme Court orders a broader recount than Gore had asked for, saying any ballot which failed to register a vote on machine must be recounted in all 67 counties.
AL Gore was back in the race for the White House last night as the Florida Supreme Court ruled that votes should be recounted in a key state county.
At the moment, the candidate plaintiffs (Bush and Cheney) are suffering no serious harm, let alone irreparable harm, because they have been certified as the winners of Florida's electoral votes notwithstanding the inclusion of manually recounted ballots,' the court said.
Therefore, we ask that there be no further recounts of already recounted ballots.