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We have, without interrupting him, allowed Daddy Jacques to recount to us roughly all he knows about the crime of The Yellow Room.
To recount the menial offices I've had to do for your son, sir,' said Mr Tappertit; 'the chairs I've had to hand him, the coaches I've had to call for him, the numerous degrading duties, wholly unconnected with my indenters, that I've had to do for him, would fill a family Bible.
Recounts rarely change election outcomes, particularly in statewide votes where large numbers of ballots make it likely that gains or losses from any errors will be evenly distributed.
Bronner's anticipates that the Oregon recount will add significant votes to the Yes on 92 side, following trends in other hand recounts in which the progressive side picks up votes (Franken in Minnesota in 2008 and Gore in New Mexico and Florida in 2000).
Our registrars certified all signatures on May 22,'' she said, adding that, in her experience, recounts on ballot questions are unusual "because the only option for the voter is 'yes,' 'no' or 'blank.
RODNEY BERMAN was dramatically dumped from Cardiff council yesterday after two nail-biting recounts.
these manual recounts only in heavily Democratic jurisdictions.
Still unresolved are requests from Maliki for recounts in the provinces of Basra, Qadissiya, Anbar and Ninevah.
If they have doubts and think that there are errors, they can ask us to hold recounts at particular centres, but not across all of Iraq.
The recounts in 23 constituencies come amid rising tension and accusations of violence, with a leading human rights group charging that Mugabe followers were now rounding up opposition supporters before assaulting them in torture camps.
In nearly every state, the laws and regulations that govern election recounts are complicated.
All of this means that our best options lie not in pruning the ranks of election officials or in spending millions of dollars on machines that may make recounts impossible or in constructing elaborate systems to prevent fraud that does not take place, but in making the act of voting easier for the greatest number of people.