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The Spanish central bank has said that it expects to recoup a part of the funds that were injected into the banking system during the financial crisis.
Four of the five Texas markets in the report showed gains in project recoup costs in 2014, excluding Houston, which showed small declines in recoup cost growth.
Consumer communications have become increasingly important, says RECOUP, stressing that future central support and financial investment from existing and new partners is "a priority.
Plaid Cymru's Westminster Transport spokesman Jonathan Edwards said: "While the crossings are likely to revert to public ownership by 2018, the UK Government will still have the right to recoup its costs.
Steve Morgan, technical manager at Recoup Recycling, said: "Nampak is a valued member of Recoup, working towards challenging plastic packaging recycling targets in the UK.
Recoup is the perfect home for EcoBabyBuys and we look forward to continuing to grow together as a family," says Manuela Trotta, co-founder of EcoBabyBuys.
The group spent years opposing the plans and now wants to recoup its costs with a night of music and dancing.
15% charge on liabilities in a bid to recoup at least pounds 55.
Homeowners who install solar panels will take 200 years to recoup the cost through lower energy bills, it was claimed this week.
IT WOULD take homeowners more than 200 years to recoup the cost of installing solar panels through lower energy bills, a study claims.
As part of my job I have to recoup as much of the expenditure as possible, and it is difficult to do that without him," Lalas said.
Chastened by restatements and shareholder lawsuits, a number of major companies have been seeking to recoup money paid out to former CEOs and other top executives in bonuses.