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Flybe said: "We received two claims from Recoup Finance on behalf of the Firths.
RECOUP says in terms of legislation, the role of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and ambitions for the future, the next two-to-three years provides another window of opportunity for the UK, with the potential for a greater producer fund responsible for the delivery of a national consumer-focused communications strategy prioritising reducing contamination and encouraging recycling rates.
Under current tolls it would take one to two years for the Government to recoup its costs but at the moment it is deliberately keeping its intentions hidden.
* The original owners are satisfied with the lower utility costs and do not feel the need to recoup the investment through a higher sale price.
"Later this year the aim is to further increase collection levels of all plastic bottles as part of a national plastic recycling communications initiative Recoup are leading on.
According to the report, presently just 73 million pounds-a-year is being recouped out of more than 460 million pounds.
“This new addition is an important step forward in our mission to create a multi-channel retail site offering great prices on thousands of products that support local and national causes and schools,” said Luca Pivato, CEO of Recoup. “We are excited to welcome EcoBabyBuys users and launch the Recoup Eco Baby Channel featuring green products for moms and supporting great causes dedicated to kids.”
Goodwillie has a year left on his three-year deal but even though he has been told he's not part of new manager Gary Bowyer's plans, the Lancashire side have outlined their determination to recoup some cash after coughing up PS2.2million for the striker two years ago.
** Did not recoup its full capitalization costs during its Broadway run.
A bathroom remodel can recoup about 64 percent, while a bathroom addition is more likely to come in at 53 percent.
Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has estimated that the Federal Reserve would have to buy assets worth about USD4bn in order to help the economy recoup.
A PARTY is being thrown to celebrate the end of Coventry's PFI incinerator plans and help campaigners recoup the cash they spent fighting the scheme.