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are deemed part of the recording costs recoupable against the royalties
Most product deals involve talent receiving an advance that is recoupable out of future royalties, but is nonrefundable.
That means that, after the publisher has taken care of recoupable debts, such as shipping, printing, promotion, etc., it will split whatever money is leftover with the creators, 50/50, though Gallaher has seen agreements recently that favor the creators in a 70/30 split.
If profit streams are uncertain and costs not recoupable, firms will adopt a service rather than hardware model to reduce overhead.
It makes no difference if the vindication of rights exception applies to save 5% of class filings or 90%." (That said, one's view on whether 5% or 90% is more likely will turn on how one treats attorneys' fees and other recoupable cost items, as discussed below in Part II).
Of course, one might argue that even failed attempts to theorize homosexuality as Other are discursively recoupable. That is, even failures can turn out to be successes: the endeavor to exclude queerness altogether, even when defeated, may manage to render homosexuality, native or elsewhere, foreign and alien--a mutual contamination.
* A retainer, again, sometimes recoupable in whole or part against royalty income.
(59) Welding machines and equipment meant considerable investment of dollars not necessarily recoupable from war contracts or falling under special depreciation allowances.
The most effective and recoupable investments in Uzbekistan are the ones made in deeper processing of local mineral and agrarian raw materials (hydrocarbons, ores of nonferrous metals, cotton fiber, etc.).
Feldman also convinced the studio to pay Hawks's agency commissions directly to Feldman's office but Warners was allowed to deduct the commission amount from the recoupable elements, meaning that the studio recovered these costs before they began distributing percentages to Hawks and Feldman-Hawks' production company.