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38) In striking down the arbitration clause, the court stressed the significant outlay of expert fees--estimated at over $1 million (39)--and the fact that such fees are not recoupable by successful litigants under the cost-shifting provisions applicable in either court or arbitration.
The most effective and recoupable investments in Uzbekistan are the ones made in deeper processing of local mineral and agrarian raw materials (hydrocarbons, ores of nonferrous metals, cotton fiber, etc.
Feldman also convinced the studio to pay Hawks's agency commissions directly to Feldman's office but Warners was allowed to deduct the commission amount from the recoupable elements, meaning that the studio recovered these costs before they began distributing percentages to Hawks and Feldman-Hawks' production company.
It has identified more than $125,000 in savings associated with the reduction of hold/mute use at the agent level, identified more than $60,000 in recoupable costs due to policy violations and processing errors during a two-week period, and achieved a 10 percent reduction in monthly quality expenses by charging penalties to agents who do not meet minimum expectations.
The committee recommended regulatory and legislative steps including a cap on nonrecoupable assessments levied against insurers; a statewide surcharge on policyholders in the event of a catastrophic loss to reimburse insurers for recoupable assessments; and a cap on the amount of these surcharges.
However, in almost all instances, gallery advances are not recoupable in cash, but often are recoupable in artwork.
Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution, agrees that most new artists signed to major labels don't earn enough royalties to payback recoupable expenses after they make their first CD.
Record companies often pay advances that are recoupable from an artist's songwriter royalties.
The company will immediately receive a one-time payment equal to USD100,000 as a recoupable advance against the royalties.
The disparity between China as seen and China as previously narrativized is recoupable within the logic of narrative itself, as transformation.
00) to a couple of hundred dollars, and the advance is recoupable against the songwriter's share of royalties.
Certain formal decisions also snagged the artist in ways not easily recoupable within his practice.