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The minister said that he was confident of recouping all the money the state invested in AIB, Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport should provide the Heritage Lottery Fund with a frank assessment of when and by how much its income will fall, and its goals and expectations for recouping money from the sale of land.
The more company profits are squeezed, the more successful corporations focus on recouping asset investments.
dollar traded in the lower 114 yen range Monday in New York, recouping some of its strength in late trading on the back of a downturn in crude oil prices.
In a flat market investors will have a hard time recouping fees and expenses to make a profit.
Galvin, chairman and chief executive officer of Motorola, said, "We are extremely pleased with the Court's strong ruling and we look forward to recouping the billions of dollars that were diverted by the Uzans and returning it to the rightful owners--Motorola's shareholders.
Of course there's no recouping the more than $100 million the district wasted trying to develop the star-crossed project, but that's a given.