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In another operation ANF Quetta recovered 185 kg Hashish from mountainous area of Pushkan Tehsil Pasni District, Gawadar.
CIA police arrested two accused namely Saddam Khan and Yasir Khan and recovered stolen property from their possession.
ANF Rawalpindi recovered 4 Kg Hashish from personal possession of a male and a female accused identified as Miss Yasmeen and Shakir residents of Khyber Agency.
SI Muhammad Gulfraz recovered 500-gramme hashish from the possession of an accused Tariq.
The police also apprehended two persons and recovered a 12-bore gun and a dagger from them.
Nadia Choucair - 33 - Recovered from the 22nd floor.
Recovered ticks were placed in sealed vials and transported to the North Park University Laboratory where their identity was confirmed.
A warrant to search the storage unit at Highway Self Storage on Weyerhauser Way was obtained and detectives recovered so many items that they filled an interrogation room at the station.
Of these, 350 use at least some recovered paper, while 160 use recovered paper exclusively as their fiber source.
It is no secret that the circuit courts do not agree on the tax treatment of contingent attorneys' fees recovered by plaintiffs.
We not only identified and recovered more than $1 million for the client," Houlin says, "we developed a system change resulting in an additional $5 million estimated cost savings over five years.