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RECOVERER. The demandant in a common recovery, after judgment has been given in his favor, assumes the name of recoverer.

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Among the 19 survivors (63%) 5 patients (17%) were renal recoverers who achieved normal renal function (NRF) whereas 14 patients (46%) were non-recoverers with irreversible deterioration of renal function that progressed to either IRF or ESRD (Table-II).
Writers of authentic accounts of countries, though beneath the attention of elegant genius, and not rising to the higher claims of taste and virtue, may notwithstanding be more serviceable to the public than the purchaser of a decayed Titian, the recoverer of a rusty coin, the copier of a defaced inscription, or the designer of an old ruin.
trauma workshop; other conferences, dual training by site diagnosis trainings, staff, including readings, co-led 12 videotapes) session groups Fidelity Adherence scale Audiotape; case management logs; Adherence Scale NOTE: C/S/R = consumer, survivor, recoverer TABLE 3 Average Ratings of Helpfulness of Seeking Safety Site PROTOTYPES N Mean SD % Rating Greatly Helpful Consumers Overall 77 2.
He's very sore, we won't know until the next few days but he's usually a good recoverer," added Kerr.
He added that "Mexico was a very slow recoverer compared to what it could have done if the financial mess had been cleaned up faster, and that there are clear disincentives coming from IMF and U.
Special thanks to Greg Fauquier, who believes that the mineral industry has nothing to fear from challenge, new ideas, and even criticism, and much to gain from new opportunity; to Edward and Maryann May whose support and commitment to this project went far beyond geology; to John Barlow for his ear, his advice and support, and his intense love of minerals which probably willed there to be world-class specimens in Wisconsin; and to George Burnham, for his inspiration as an explorer and recoverer of new mineral localities.
She tells her reader that the death of American authorship that is implicit in the Dead Letter Office no longer exists because she is the recoverer of the secret traces of history and of all the letters and words that have been burned by "the cart-load" (Melville 73).