recovery of property

See: replevin
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KARACHI -- Sindh Excise and Taxation Minister Mukesh Chawla said on Monday that his ministry had decided to establish a taxation court to enhance the recovery of property tax, officials said.
In the meeting it was decided to establish taxation court for improvement in recovery of property tax.
Why did the Greek Cypriots, who were the victims of the invasion, would not want the return of the refugees, the recovery of property, the safeguarding of human rights?" he asked.
On this the chief minister said that he has already announced to hand over recovery of property tax to KMC and DMCs.
Most importantly the principle of protection of fair purchaser is being introduced, in accordance with which if the person has acquired the property on a reimbursable basis, with the observance of the law without application of consequences of invalidity of transactions, then the recovery of property from such person acting in good faith will be prohibited.
'The remaining amount was received in terms of other taxes while for the rapid recovery of Property Tax the advertisements have been given in leading newspapers,' he added.
He said the remaining amount was received in terms of other taxes while for the rapid recovery of property tax, the advertisements had been given in leading newspapers.
Rapid recovery of Property Tax advertisements have been given in leading newspapers.'
A spokesman said: "While most property recovered by An Garda Siochana is immediately returned to its owners, particularly in the recovery of property stolen in the course of theft and burglaries, there are cases where we are unable to identify the owner and the property remains in Garda custody.
The recent fall in mortgage costs suggests the return of credit flows to households will support a gradual recovery of property prices.
Some years ago, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike sent a bunch of people loudly beating drums to the offices of an IT company, seeking the recovery of property tax dues.
The firm said she was singled out due to her growing reputation for advising a number of pub companies on issues relating to the beer tie and the recovery of property or arrears.