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The recovery room is always open and sometimes is the location of meetings to help a player relax and not hunch over a desk while watching film.
The name of the non-depolarizing muscle relaxant used, the total dose of it used and the total time elapsed from the last dose of non-depolarizing muscle relaxant till the reversal were not recorded on the anesthesia chart, but were recorded separately, This was done to ensure that the anesthesiologist in charge of the recovery room remains blinded as to these details.
Vomiting frequency distribution was not significantly different among the three groups in the recovery room. The distribution frequency of vomiting six and twelve hours following the surgery was remarkably less in group C.
At readiness for discharge from the recovery room, patients who were able to chew gum graded the acceptability of their anaesthetic care in general, and gum chewing in particular, with their recovery nurse also grading the acceptability of gum chewing in the recovery room.
Back in the recovery room I realised that, although I had learned about the needs and development of children, I had not had any preparation in the care of children specific to the recovery room.
World renowned chewing gum manufacturers, The Wrigley Company, has turned to specialist resin manufacturer Resin Surfaces Limited (RSL) to provide antistatic flooring products for use in the confectionary makers' powder recovery rooms.
The study included adult patients who were moved to a recovery room after general anesthesia and surgery.
Of the group 1 patients, with no IV access, 21 of 25 (84%) received acetaminophen, either as a suppository in the OR (n = 20) or as a liquid in the recovery room (n = 1).
The first thing I remember in Hospital A's recovery room was a clock that said 4:30 p.m.
The first phase, two years ago, was to refur bish the major incident recovery room.
Gramercy Surgery Center provides two state-of-the-art operating rooms as well as a recovery room, which accommodates urology, podiatry, plastic surgery and pain management.