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L'exclamation de Tituba est a prendre sur le ton de l'ironie : si le lecteur s'attend a trouver dans son roman une << biographie attentionnee et inspiree >>, recreant les tourments de la Tituba historique, il risque fort de se tromper.
Sur ces deux disques, Fogerty joue de tous les instruments (y compris le violon, le banjo, et la << steel-guitar >>) en recreant des standards de la musique populaire americaine : dans le premier cas, il choisit des pieces anciennes, souvent proches du country (<< Jambalaya >>), du gospel (<< Working on a Building >>), pour les enregistrer dans des arrangements rythmes et modernises qui s'apparentent au country-rock le plus energique.
For withholding relief from the suffering, for failure to respond to the calls of worthy charity, or for faltering in the bestow meat of brotherly love on the unfortunate, penalties are found not in the laws of men, but in that higher law, the violation of which b condemned by the voice of conscience, whose sentence of punishment for the recreant act is swift and sure.
less recreant in the discharge of his sworn duty than was the policeman
I had to switch this programme off because of the unctuous recreant, who maybe one day might face similar investigation.
Par ailleurs, il y a une dimension commemorative fort interessante qui tend a inscrire les recollets dans une histoire locale, en recreant une proximite entre les recollets et la ville, ses habitants, et leurs ancetres.
He (or in the case of Brecht's Mother Courage, she) may be a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party; a renegade may be a rebel who breaks with established customs; or a recreant, having deserted a cause or principle.
I did not, for an instant, lose sight of, or undervalue, that part of the truth which I had seen before; I never turned recreant to intellectual culture, or ceased to consider the power and practice of analysis as an essential condition both of individual and of social improvement.
Par consequent, les patients peuvent agir au sein du groupe sans se sentir embarrasses, y recreant et y affichant leur pathologie.
Et pour compliquer les choses, la memoire se modifie, creant et recreant de nouveaux sens, s'adaptant aux perspectives changeantes.
However ambivalent his attitude to the basic virtues of chivalry, such as courage, loyalty, honour, duty to revenge, Malory never denounces him to be a recreant knight.
For example, he wrote about Protestantism: "It has led us to where we all are now each a church unto himself answerable to nobody but himself and his God--a recreant to all other authority--at home on Sunday in bed .