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RECREANT. A Coward; a poltroon. 3 Bl. Com. 340.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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How many of these recreant propagandists have taken a bullet from the Taliban before attempting to blacklist a model of peace, through an array of pathetic, blatant assertions?
Mais notre ambition est encore davantage, c'est un espoir, comme le preconise l'Unesco [...] le Gabon, grace a la cyberculture souhaite recevoir en retour, sous forme numerique, des collectionneurs des institutions publiques ou parapubliques, des oeuvres historiques du patrimoine gabonais aujourd'hui dispersees de par le monde, recreant ainsi un droit a la memoire culturelle pour nos enfants et nous tous, (
The most significant change in this area was Greece's doubled efforts to rectify its negative perceptions in the eyes of its EU partners who tended to perceive Greece as an awkward and recreant partner clinging to long-held national positions at the expense of community solidarity.
(266) (Of course, if this is what your friends say about you, it is clear you have a problem.) Lincoln's succinct response puts the issue of Chase's character in what I think is the precisely right light: "To have done otherwise," he said, "I should have been recreant to my convictions of duty to the Republican party and to the country." (267) And, "[a]s to his talk about me, I do not mind that.
And even if he does or did know about it, it is entirely possible that his choice of little Osawatomie could have been motivated by a desire to invoke Rough Rider Roosevelt and not recreant Reds.
The protagonist Antonio says (aside) of his fellow-traveller (Dramatis Personae) Mercury, 'If ever any had a faithfull friend I am that man, and I may glory in't, this is he, that ipse he, that passes all Christendome for goodnesse, hee shall not over go me in his friendship, twere recreant and base, and I'le be hang'd first' (II.
Moreover, my feelings toward my recreant son were undergoing a change.
Hereupon then in the soul of the enthusiast youth [he is referring to Pierre, following his estranging and peace-shattering discovery of the existence of his illegitimate sister] two armies come to the shock; and unless he prove recreant, or unless he prove gullible, or unless he can find the talismanic secret, to reconcile this world with his own soul, then there is no peace for him, no slightest truce for him in this life.
Sur ces deux disques, Fogerty joue de tous les instruments (y compris le violon, le banjo, et la << steel-guitar >>) en recreant des standards de la musique populaire americaine : dans le premier cas, il choisit des pieces anciennes, souvent proches du country (<< Jambalaya >>), du gospel (<< Working on a Building >>), pour les enregistrer dans des arrangements rythmes et modernises qui s'apparentent au country-rock le plus energique.
When remarking on Edgar's words "poor Turlygod," he tells us that "a number of possible explanations for 'Turlygod', a word not otherwise known, have been proposed" (160)--but crucially, not any number of explanations, since not any number is, as he puts it, "possible." Notably, when Lear's outburst, "Vassall recreant" is glossed, we are told that "its use in the first instance is clearly consistent with the intended meaning" (156).