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"We didn't try to recreate the beer that the Pharaohs drank," says Klutstein.
To recreate this ancient animal, Russell Garwood from the University of Manchester, UK, and his colleagues analysed these immaculately preserved specimens.
The concert recreates the exact playlists and sounds of those long-ago concerts, we were told by local media promotions.
While Quadrophenia recreates the Mod era of the mid-60s, this amazing show never felt more now.
A private, nonprofit organization is creating a park near Profile Lake that will feature five massive granite monoliths which, when viewed from just the right spot, will recreate the Old Man's profile.
The scientists say the elements of taste and smell represent a leap forward for virtual reality, which to date has largely relied on sight and sound to recreate real environments.
AN ADVANCED cricket training machine that can recreate all types of bowling delivery, including variations of spin, is being developed by engineering researchers at Loughborough University.
In the past, Schneck had worked with metalcasters to recreate small parts and pieces that were originally cast in low grade "pot" metal.
To the translators" credit, they respect and inventively recreate the colloquial, oral dimension of song, shout, and prayer: readers are always recognizably in the realm of the human voice, artfully "made strange," or stranger--in translation.
Pope recreates life in early Pompeii pre-eruption and artist Christensen illustrates each scene with frescoes using the same colors and style as the ancient wall paintings unearthed at Pompeii: together they recreate a bygone era, using archaeological evidence as the foundation for discovery.
CDP allows the user to dynamically recreate any previous point of the data, and to do so after the failure occurred--so the recovery point can be pinpointed to just before the failure event.