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And to San Francisco to recreate Mrs Doubtfire making a jambalaya, Connecticut to try Mystic Pizza and in New York we made Sex And The City cupcakes.
The concert recreates the exact playlists and sounds of those long-ago concerts, we were told by local media promotions.
Staff from Warwickshire County Council's heritage education team, which organised the event trawled records from the now defunct quarter sessions to find two trials which took place at the court during the 1850s for the pupils to recreate.
While Quadrophenia recreates the Mod era of the mid-60s, this amazing show never felt more now.
The scientists say the elements of taste and smell represent a leap forward for virtual reality, which to date has largely relied on sight and sound to recreate real environments.
The long-term aim is to develop an advanced training system that can recreate all types of delivery, such as the doosra, googly, flipper, wrong'un and top-spinner.
The Museum, off Wakefield Road, is to recreate a 300 million-year-old forest using fossils from the Carboniferous period.
In the past, Schneck had worked with metalcasters to recreate small parts and pieces that were originally cast in low grade "pot" metal.
To the translators" credit, they respect and inventively recreate the colloquial, oral dimension of song, shout, and prayer: readers are always recognizably in the realm of the human voice, artfully "made strange," or stranger--in translation.
CDP allows the user to dynamically recreate any previous point of the data, and to do so after the failure occurred--so the recovery point can be pinpointed to just before the failure event.
In an effort to recreate the alar facial groove, a second stage procedure is performed as early as 6 to 8 weeks following surgery.
In 2004 Kirin aims to recreate a European brew originating in the Middle Ages and known as "Gruit Beer"--another beer made without hops.