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It was the unique circumstances of Hans Jonatan's life that made it possible for his DNA to be recreated after his death.
The properties being recreated are Shakespeare's Birthplace and Shakespeare's New Place, his family home for 19 years until his death in 1616.
Mr Mayes, who has already recreated a series of North East landmarks in Lego such as St James' Park, the BALTIC art gallery and the Angel of the North, said: "My focus as a Lego architect over the past few years has been to create landmarks and icons of the North East.
Through CNC machining, an item can easily be recreated using software like Autodesk CAD.
ABU DHABI: A lavish 10-course meal served just hours before the legendary Titanic sank, killing over 1,500 passengers and crew 104 years ago, is being recreated for the first time in the UAE by a French restaurant in Abu Dhabi.
A cover featuring singer and performer Caryl Parry Jones will be recreated with the singer Miriam Isaac, Caryl's daughter, for the June edition of Iaw.
What I appreciate about the photo being recreated is that they're tapping into an era that I think is extremely crucial to skateboarding," he explains.
John's lined the city's streets Sunday as a military parade recreated the march of the first Newfoundland soldiers who shipped off to Europe to fight in the First World War.
As part of his degree show, Adam faithfully recreated one of the original Boosbeck designs, changing only the surface finish to show how far ahead of its time Boosbeck Industries were.
It also recreated large-scale structures like galaxy clusters and the bubbles and voids of the cosmic web.
A FAMILY has recreated a scene from their childhood to mark the demolition of a Tyneside landmark.