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They claim bringing in the elements of taste and smell represent a leap forward for virtual reality equipment which has largely relied on sight and sound to recreate real environments.
We worked closely with The R&A and Royal St George's to recreate every inch of the course," said YuChiang Cheng, co-founder and CEO, WGT.
You can't precisely recreate charisma, of course, but Gagne has a mighty fine stab at it, especially during the spine-tingling encores of the eponymous Musical Box and Watcher of the Skies.
Godzilla(R): Save the Earth (PlayStation 2, available now; Xbox, November 22nd) faithfully recreates the gargantuan film legend and his one-of-a-kind destruction with intense online multiplayer fighting and 15 different monsters vying for ultimate control.
We chose Shunra\Storm because it is the best commercial product that allows us to recreate the network conditions that are found in real life and evaluate voice quality over any IP network topology," said Vincent Barriac, Head of France Telecom R&D unit specializing in voice quality and rapporteur of ITU-T SG12 Q.
With Shunra\Storm, users can recreate and emulate an enterprise-scale WAN environment and test, compare and forecast the performance of any technology, such as web applications, VoIP, or streaming media, under a wide variety of network conditions.
Using old-time, hands-on lithographic techniques, the program recreates early film posters in exactly the same way they were created during the first half of the century -- from painstakingly hand-drawn plates, slowly "pulled" one color at a time on the extremely rare antique lithography presses of the S2 Atelier in New York City.
com animated video clips were created with TECHIMAGE's software, an innovative 3-D animation tool that recreates realistic human facial expressions in animated characters.
Virtua Striker 2" recreates pro soccer's on-field action through motion-captured moves, team specific attributes, individual team jerseys and ultra-realistic 3D graphics.
Each track from the EA SPORTS Supercross Series was built with the actual track blue prints and accurately recreates all the towering table-tops, whoops sections, and triple jumps the tracks featured in real life.
Sanctioned by the Clan Association of Scotland, Braveheart meticulously recreates the struggle of the disbanded clans to unify and reclaim their freedom from the expansionist English forces in 1298.
Because VA recreates the sound generating mechanism of a musical instrument itself, users can create sounds that replicate both the timbre and expression of real instruments much more closely than is possible with an ordinary synthesizer.