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The Snow White tale best exemplifies Walz's methodology and his problem with recreating Thorson's work.
The idea of recreating ancient molecules from modern organisms originated with Linus Pauling and Emile Zuckerkandl in 1963, long before anyone had the techniques to do it, notes Caro-Beth Stewart of the State University of New York in Albany in a comment accompanying the work.
STEAM train enthusiasts in North Wales are recreating a typical branch line train as part of its daily running schedule this week.
DREAM YEAR: Singer J-Lo; ALL FOURS: Jennifer gets down to work recreating scenes from the film Flashdance; TOP OF THE TABLE: J-Lo's video take-off of the Jennifer Beals 1983 movie role; THIGHFUL: Song and dance Jennifer Pictures: SPLASHNEWS
It turns out that Wesinger has continued to look for the missing enzyme, and has succeeded in recreating the creature, hoping to sell it as a war machine.
This was a magical experience with no expense - or time - spared in recreating the presentation that tells the tale of New York street punk Rael's voyage of spiritual enlightenment.
A CONTROVERSIAL new British-made computer ``docu-game'' recreating John F Kennedy's assassination has been branded ``despicable'' by aides to the late president's brother.