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I never heard a sailor proclaiming himself as a handful of American citizens traveling for recreation, but I wished he might trip and fall overboard, and so reduce his handful by one individual, at least.
But, after all this is said, the time when I get the most solid rest and recreation is when I can be at Tuskegee, and, after our evening meal is over, can sit down, as is our custom, with my wife and Portia and Baker and Davidson, my three children, and read a story, or each take turns in telling a story.
As he began to recover the tone and vigour of his exhausted frame, and with it something of his former impatience of retirement and repose, I suggested a short residence by the sea-side, for his recreation and further restoration, and for the benefit of our little one as well.
The latter third of the speech was marred by the resumption of fights and other recreations among certain of the bad boys, and by fidgetings and whis- perings that extended far and wide, washing even to the bases of isolated and incorruptible rocks like Sid and Mary.
For example, Jane, a participant in a recreation exploration class, has a visual impairment in addition to her learning disabilities.
The "Good for You, Good for All" campaign is intended to broaden awareness, and increase engagement and support for local parks and recreation.
The purpose of this study is to provide an assessment of the demand for recreation services and programs offered at each of the 17 recreation and community centers in the Winston-Salem Parks and Recreation inventory.
Marilyn Guercy teaches the classes, which are offered at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Senior Center in Sherman Oaks and the Victory/Vineland Recreation Center in North Hollywood.
UNH offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of resort management and outdoor recreation with a special environmental sensitivity interwoven throughout the curriculum.
The influence of challenging recreation on family functioning.
Taking advantage of this unique feature, the plan proposes that the focus of this area be on the water and related active and passive recreation, community gatherings, cultural and limited park-related commercial uses.
Now in its eleventh edition, the spiral bound textbook, Facility Design And Management For Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, And Sports Facility Development, is augmented with new chapters on financial management, promotions, public relations, merchandising, ticket operations, programming, as well as event and risk management.