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But, after all this is said, the time when I get the most solid rest and recreation is when I can be at Tuskegee, and, after our evening meal is over, can sit down, as is our custom, with my wife and Portia and Baker and Davidson, my three children, and read a story, or each take turns in telling a story.
Grimy sailors came down out of the foretop placidly announcing themselves as "a handful of private citizens of America, traveling simply for recreation and unostentatiously," etc.; the coal passers moved to their duties in the profound depths of the ship, explaining the blackness of their faces and their uncouthness of dress, with the reminder that they were "a handful of private citizens, traveling simply for recreation," etc., and when the cry rang through the vessel at midnight: "EIGHT BELLS!--LARBOARD WATCH, TURN OUT!" the larboard watch came gaping and stretching out of their den, with the everlasting formula: "Aye-aye, sir!
I never heard a sailor proclaiming himself as a handful of American citizens traveling for recreation, but I wished he might trip and fall overboard, and so reduce his handful by one individual, at least.
The thought of his little brother became not only his recreation, but the object of his studies.
The latter third of the speech was marred by the resumption of fights and other recreations among certain of the bad boys, and by fidgetings and whis- perings that extended far and wide, washing even to the bases of isolated and incorruptible rocks like Sid and Mary.
As we continue celebrating our 25 years of Freedom and Democracy, the annual Big Walk and National Recreation day are identified as some of those pillars.
The bureau said that EasyCard and iPASS sensors have been installed at the entrances of 12 national forest recreation areas, as well as the Bong Bong Train in the Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, and the sightseeing mini trains in Wulai, New Taipei City to provide domestic and foreign tourists more versatile ways of paying for admission to these facilities.
Despite the philosophical differences separating recreational therapists from therapeutic recreators and the park and recreation field, we would caution recreational therapists against "calling the whole thing off." If we accept the premise that all people have a disability of one kind or another and all recreation engagements are potentially therapeutic (Dustin, Bricker, & Schwab, 2014; Dustin, McKenney, & Williams, 2006), then it is possible to envision a future characterized by a continuum of park and recreation services dedicated to the cultivation of a highly functioning interdependent citizenry governed by a commitment to recreation for all.
The suggested names are ARCH, or Ankeny Recreation & Community Health; Connexion Aquatics & Recreation; COR Aquatics & Recreation; Trail Point Aquatics & Recreation; and The Trail Aquatics & Recreation.
The day will culminate with a happy hour at The Avalon Theatre, hosted by the Grand Junction Economic Partnership (GJEP) and the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of the Grand Valley, an industry advocacy group that launched in 2015.
Recreation passes are required for admission to the pool, Eagle Lake and tennis courts, and to participate in all instructional programs at the Dawson Recreation area.
In much of the literature that we reviewed, there was a sense that in the 21st century, more people participated in recreation because young people and adults in developed countries (unlike those in developing nations) had more leisure time and discretionary income based on the work they performed, with well-defined social structures (Bell et al., 2007; World Youth Report, 2003).

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