recreation time

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u1/4 codify into law better humanitarian standards, including access to recreation time, basic supplies and child-welfare services.
The average Nigerian youth has future misalignment, investing time that should be used for productive personal development in unproductive personal enjoyment; watching TV, Series, Entertainment, Partying rather than converting their recreation time into recreation time.
Between 2009 and 2017 annual outdoor recreation time spent per person was 56 hours (65%) higher in Scotland than the UK average.
Councillor Bob Derbyshire, speaking against the proposal at Cardiff council's Planning Committee yesterday, said: "It is some distance from residents' homes; however, it is very close to a park which is well used where people walk and have recreation time."
He is never available for me or any of our children's activities, be they school functions, taking them to church, or even spending some recreation time together.
From acoustic guitars to flutes, harmonicas, recorders and organs, jailhouse HMP Stocken rocks to pop's best known hits during recreation time at the nick and while on their way to work or meals.
He gave up rest and recreation time to respond to pleas of the people for healing and to satisfy their spiritual thirst.
"It also is a way that people can stay connected to the people and things that are important to them when they're also enjoying recreation time at one of our facilities."
Oftentimes, an inmate is in restrictive housing without reading material or other means of passing the time, and showers and recreation time may be severely limited.
After the Plaintiffs initiated this action to challenge their confinement conditions as cruel and unusual under the Eighth Amendment, Defendant Harold Clarke, director of the Virginia Department of Corrections, began to move forward with planned changes to death-row confinement policies, including increased visitation with family members and increased outdoor recreation time. Some of the changes took effect immediately; others implemented plans for new facilities for death-row inmates to congregate together.
According to a survey conducted by Hipmunk, "72% of increase in traveling by Millennials; 55% Millennials extended the business trip for additional leisure and recreation time. There are 38% Millennials who travel more than Gen X or elderly people.
It brings multiple benefits, from encouraging people to spend recreation time outdoors, improving health and mental well-being, improving air quality, biodiversity and reducing flood risks.
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