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The majority says that "athletic and recreative activities possess enormous social value"--a value that presumably does not inhere in banister sliding.
Given its traditional association with the relinquishing of burdensome responsibilities in favor of a more personal, recreative withdrawal, the pastoral landscape seems a haven ideally suited to old age.
McCoy's final chapter, "The Winter's Tale and the Recovery of Faith," and his epilogue, "Theater's Potent Art," illustrate the recreative dimension of theatrical illusions in Shakespeare's tragicomedies.
The four organizations receiving this financial assistance from the Government of Canada are the Association recreative de Waltham, Comite des loisirs de Val-Limoges Inc.
The prayer of the Christian helper is to discern how the Holy Spirit is engaged in redemptive, restorative, and recreative activity.
The birth of farm animals is always a fascination and teaches so much--not only of the mechanics of birth, but also the wonder of creation and recreative capacity.
The glaciers' indomitable recreative force suggested to Muir the Christian truth, grounded in Christ's resurrection and participated in through baptism, that death is only a forerunner to life.
Along with this, exhibits carry a particular geographical theme that is both educational and recreative in its function to visitors without compromising on aesthetics.
In these critical and recreative ways we seek to give our future hope and to be able to build it from within our distinctive places.
Daithi O hOgain, when he writes of "the recreative power of heritage, of the human spirit, and of the poetry inherent in life" (196) succinctly encapsulates the gains that derive from a full appreciation of heritage.
Cet article, qui parte sur l'analyse des differents espaces dans les-quels la bourgeoisie anglo-montrealaise pratique Vactivite dansante recreative entre 1870 et 1940, a pour objet d'examiner la tendance l'exclusivisme couramment associee au mode de vie et aux activites des elites.