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The data was gathered from 420 people who take part in recreative dancing by talking to them personally, who were sampled randomly from 14 dance courses out of 34 centers which provide dance courses.
A retrospective of the editorial year 1990 in Romania began with a characteristic observation: "At no other time in our history have we experienced such a crisis in publications"(Ungureanu 10), and went on to explain that the pre-revolutionary literature was marked by an oppositional and recreative vocation: "the success of December 22 [1989] was also its own success.
Daithi O hOgain, when he writes of "the recreative power of heritage, of the human spirit, and of the poetry inherent in life" (196) succinctly encapsulates the gains that derive from a full appreciation of heritage.
Cet article, qui parte sur l'analyse des differents espaces dans les-quels la bourgeoisie anglo-montrealaise pratique Vactivite dansante recreative entre 1870 et 1940, a pour objet d'examiner la tendance l'exclusivisme couramment associee au mode de vie et aux activites des elites.
Therefore, we aimed to review the progression of women's and girls' sports in Turkey as a secular Muslim country, the sports offered to female students in the educational system, and the status of women and girls in recreative and performance sports compared with males.
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As I watch a blizzard of historic proportions create huge snowdrifts outside my study window, it is with imagination, hope, and fervor that I offer to you my warmest wishes for a pleasant, recreative, and imaginatively restorative summer.
He has seemingly limitless faith in his own recreative power; even after his "true" identity has been exposed, he is ready to start over, telling Rena, "we'll go to the North or West" (122).
In April 1946 reference is made to a directive from the Scottish Home Department and the Scottish Education Department that points to "the statutory duties of an Education Authority in regard to the provision not only of formal education facilities, but of facilities for physical and social welfare also" and calls for applications for "schemes to secure provision of voluntary leisure time occupation, in such organised cultural training and recreative activities as are suited to their requirements for persons over school age" (CO5/1/16).
Usually, the riparian forest has been impacted by human recreative activities as a consequence of the proximity to the city of Salamanca.
For the traditional approach, teachers are asked to apply AOs to a conventional essay; for the recreative approach teachers may have to apply them to a monologue, a prose passage, a dramatic scene, a poem or any other genre a student chooses.