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"We're not going to look back and recriminate about what's gone on in the past - that's ridiculous.
OECD recriminates the generalization organised by UN in the Millennium Declaration, and recommends Country and context specific approaches.
What this essay recriminates in official education is not only its puerile understanding of the meaning and purpose of public knowledge but its hypocrisy in advocating critical thinking--as in the case of the recent educational panacea known as "common core"--while at the same time publically suturing the goals of education to the imperatives of the capitalist marketplace.
As O'Connor recriminates her apparent racial betrayal, she clarifies that "you and your kind are too ignorant to realize Latin Americans are no different than North Americans.
Similarly, on page 20 of the indictment (document number 24533, see Appendix 1), the UCIE recriminates him for the same reason:
Is it treasonous for a Congressman or Senator to stand and applaud a foreign President while he recriminates, reprimands, and lectures the American people?
However, in this book Buck neither recriminates nor takes to task; he appears serene at ninety-four, grateful for the peace in his life at this time.
Although in a friendly atmosphere, in the brief exchange that precedes the story Dan recriminates Jim for his absent-mindedness.
In so doing she anticipates the change of attitude toward texts celebrated by Roland Barthes: "We are no longer willing to be the dupes of such antiphrases, by which a society proudly recriminates in favor of precisely what it discards, ignores, muffles, or destroys: we know that in order to restore writing to its future, we must reverse the myth: the birth of the reader must be requited by the death of the Author" (1986, 55).
"The hysteric is irascible, unjust, violent, she recriminates with bitterness, gives herself over to scenes, tears and extravagance, makes a show of her passions .