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High-resolution single nucleotide polymorphism analysis distinguishes recrudescence and reinfection in recurrent invasive nontyphoidal Na/moneT/a Typhimurium disease.
Month n Regression Recrudescence Spermiogenesis March 5 1 2 2 April 18 1 5 12 May 17 1 4 12 June 9 1 0 8 July 4 l 1 2 August 4 4 0 0 Table 2.
The finding of males exhibiting recrudescence from June to September, and one male each from July and September with regressed testes, suggests there may be some seasonality in the testicular cycle of M.
My tribe was lowdown struggling day labor Depression South Eastern Illinois just before the southern hills start to roll toward the coal country where the east/west morainal ridges of Wisconsin trash pile up at the bottom of the prairie, socially a far midwest recrudescence of Appalachia my grandfather French Quebecois Master pipefitter in the age of steam Indian fifty percent, very French who didn't derogate himself as a breed, showed none of those tedious tendentious tendencies.
With one quick glance, the patient's treatment history, nadir HIV RNA response to therapy, the rate and duration of that response, the occurrence of viral recrudescence during therapy, as well as any possible relationship to the occurrence of intercurrent illness, infection, or immunization is immediately available.
Depuis deux semaines, le sud-est du Niger subit une recrudescence des raids de Boko Haram.
Il ajoute egalement que la convocation d'urgence de ce sommet intervient suite a la demande du president de l'Autorite palestinienne, Mahmoud Abbas, dont le pays fait actuellement a une recrudescence de l'extremisme juif, mettent surtout en danger la ville sainte d'Al Qods en general et la Moquee Al Aqsa en particulier, sans parler des crimes quotidiens que subit le peuple palestinien sur son territoire occupe.
Dans ce sillage, il a rappele les negociations en cours entre les deux parties en vue d'un accord de libre-echange complet et approfondi (ALECA), evoquant les perspectives susceptibles de relever les defis communs, notamment securitaires, comme l'immigration clandestine et la recrudescence des activites des organisations terroristes dans la zone sahelo-saharienne.
Les delestages au cours de la periode passee etaient frequents, mais dernierement et avec l'annonce de la saison chaude, ils sont en recrudescence.
Reinfection and recrudescence are not uncommon in malaria.
One male collected in April (LACM 138523) measured 72 mm SVL and exhibited testicular recrudescence.
While data is lacking from each month, a large February sample (n = 33) which contained 7/33 (21%) testes in recrudescence (germ cell renewal prior to the next period of sperm formation) and 21/33 (64%) in spermiogenesis indicates that I.